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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


i have been wanting to update, many many many many times. but AJ is growing up everyday, and i am not with him for many hours in a day ( because i work ) so at night, or when i am at home, i demand my time with AJ so i can catch up. no internet, no TV. just some quality time with family dearest.

now i know how a mother feels. and how a mother feels? i cant describe. be a mother then you'll know, then you'll understand why mothers do what they do, the important decisions that they make, the things they sacrifice, the risk they take. i can cry just looking at the collection of EBM i get at the end of each day. not tears of frustration, but tears of joy, tears of being thankful that i am able to provide the best for my son. Something i thought is not possible, before i had the knowledge of breastfeeding. i was devastated when my period began immediately after i finished my confinement. i thought when you're breastfeeding exclusively, you will not get your period until you stop breastfeeding. but i only just began. so imagine how frustrated i was. and then i realize i am still producing milk, and there was no signs of the supply going low. so i continued to adapt the demand & supply concept of breastfeeding, and did not want to get stressed over this. I have googled about breastfeeding and menstruation and pretty satisfied with the explanation.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for granting me the strength and the will. i have been breastfeeding my son for close to 5 months now, and will continue until he's 2 years of age, or when he self-wean. and i still get that monthly consistent menstruation. Allah please grant me the strength. InsyaAllah. Amin.

meanwhile, the little boy has grown so big. i can't believe it he turns 5 months next week!
Now 4 plus months, AJ can roll on his tummy while lift his head strong. he stands really strong. he starts grabbing things. he starts biting things, as though he's teething. when on his tummy he lifts his butt up so high almost like he's going to start crawling soon. and this creeps me! creeps me in a good way because i am very excited to see he crawls!

owh and cranky at bedtime/nap time. and only with mommy, not with nanny. daddy said he's just trying to bermanja and i said it's because he wants more time with his mommy but he's already sleepy and wants to sleep.

i am super excited to start AJ on solid soon!

enjoy the latest pictures of my little boy! Till then. :)

lots of love from us3

Friday, February 17, 2012

little boy blue

Two weeks in since i started working.

I still wish i can just be with my son rather than in the office, but hey, which mom doesn't?
but i am surviving the 7am - 6.30pm period being away from my baby boy.

I have a nice quiet time watching my son's video while i express my milk at work, so i am very happy about that.
Yes, i am fully breastfeeding AJ as of now, and determined to do so until he's 2 years old.

We were at AJ's pediatrician's last weekend to get his 3rd month vaccine jab which consisted of DTP,HIB and ORAL POLIO (1st dose). AJ's a big boy and very strong. He screamed only when the fluid was pushed in through the syringe, and not when the needle inserted his left thigh. And he didn't scream after that as well! Minutes later he fell asleep.

No fever, either!

At 2nd month, the 3rd week, AJ's development is as below:

weight : 5.7kg
length : 60cm
HC : 40cm

which are all above average, and Dr. Ling, AJ's pediatrician, said,"Growth, very satisfactory".

Other developments:

He talks. so much. it's as though there's something really important/interesting he wants us to know.
He smiles. He would smile back when i smile at him.
He turns when he hears his name being called.
He loves to watch TV. and anything moving. like his mobile.
He can stand on his feet.
He holds his neck firmly.
He cries less now, he's almost out of the Colic phase.

AJ turns 3 months next week. Soon, he'll turn 4 months old, the next will be 5 and so on.
i wish i don't miss it when AJ starts rolling. or crawling. and most importantly when he starts saying," MAMA "
(because no baby can say mommy properly at first, right?it's always MAMA and DADA)

meanwhile, here's AJ at 2months.

so do you think he looks like me? or my husband?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

mad about the boy

Today is my third day of work after my confinement has ended.

IT IS HARD being away from my little boy. I miss him every minute we are apart. Quick calls I made to the babysitter's doesn't help either (well , it helped a bit, knowing my son is fine and in good hands) I wish my little boy can come to the phone and say, "Mommy come home quick, i miss you!"

little AJ is everything i imagined he would be. he's super adorable! ( well doesn't all mothers think of their babies that way! ) I would write everything about him but first, let me tell you all about his name selection.

My husband and i named him Muhammad Aaryan, because of its meaning.

Aaryan comes from the Indian word which means Illustrious, from the Persian word which means Strong, from the Sanskrit word which means Shu veer and Gentleman, and also the UTMOST STRENGTH.

From other source, (my Indian colleague, Moorthy) Aaryan means the best of the best, the people who came into India and changed the Indians.

Yes, Aaryan is more of an Indian name, at least, the word Aaryan came from that part of the world. It may not be a common Muslim name, but because Aaryan is our utmost strength, we chose to stick to this name selection. To us, if we teach Aaryan the right way to become a faithful Muslim, anak Soleh, InsyaAllah, that is who he will turn out to be.

Meanwhile, this is a picture of him, taken from my sister's IPAD. tengah sedap tido.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

6 weeks, already?

how time flies so so so so fast.

my son is 45 days old today. and THAT means two things:

one, my 44 days of confinement has ended! it didn't feel so bad. what i hate the most was the food restriction. other than that i'm doing okay.

two, i am starting work soon. i wonder if i can do this: (go to work and leave my son in the loving care of my beautiful mother)... mau meraung gue. i wish i can take my son to work, or even better, if i can place him in my bag. he's too adorable and i need him every minute!

we took my little boy to his pediatrician yesterday for his second dose of hep B jab. he screamed for a while only. i had expected an unstopable, inconsolable, loud cry but no. owh my strong little boy!

his measurement at 6weeks are:

head circumference : 35cm (at birth: 33cm)
length/height : 55cm (at birth: 53cm)
weight : 4.7kg (at birth : 2.6kg)

major improvement! owh and no more signs of neonatal jaundice! (because he was vacuumed out, my son had heavy jaundice. his serum bilirubin reading at day 6 of liFe was 326)

i am not much of a photo uploader, nor a photographer, i don't have much photos of my son now with me (in this netbook). and while i wait for jay to upload some photos for me, here i have a photo of me and my son taken by my sister. (it is also on my facebook page)

call me crazy or silly, but i am so in love with my son! it's like falling in love all over again, with another man! i love you my little boy A.J (and your daddy too, of course!) so so so much!

lots of love from mommy,