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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Babysitter and Nurin Zahirah Husna

Since Nurin Zahirah Husna came to stay with us along with Along and little Naufal, i can't seem to be able to rest my feet. The only time i get to rest is when Nurin sleeps. Her days starts as early as 8.00am. Nurin is so energetic!! I'm telling you chasing Nurin is one hell of an exercise routine.. One minute she's here.., one minute she's there.. one minute she'll stumble on something, one minute she'll trip and fall, one minute she'll ask you to take her see the cats, one minute she'll ask you where's her Atuk, one minute she wants her Opah, haishhh very challenging i must say.. and at the end of the say, there she sits, laughing at your crazy acts, and those stupid faces you make.

yeah, never had babies in our house before. It's really fun to have babies around. (Except the chasing bit). We have lots of doors and stairs at home, and although Abah had bought Nurin thousands of toys to play with, all she will do is throw her toys everywhere, and plays with doors, oh yea and climbs the stairs. funny thing is, if you DONT watch her, she'll just sit on the first step of the stairs; but if you DO watch her, she'll climb up to the top, knowing you'll come running after her. Which reminds me of me when i was a lil girl. Mama said i pretty much did the same. After all, we share the same last name, remember. So like Aunt like niece la.

That's Nurin Zahirah Husna, ladies and gentlemen.

Although i have a lot of 'looking out for Nurin' to do, it's back to Naufal that i love to kacau.. I can't stand looking at him sleeping peacefully. All i wanna do is wake him up and make silly faces so he'll smile. And yeah you should hear those funny noises Naufal makes everytime he feeds. Naufal doesnt cry a lot, so you'll always have to check him in his crib. (There's a myth Mama told us that it's not good for a baby boy to cry a lot, or else, his you-know-what will ermm.. hmm)

So life at home is hectic yet soothing.. yeah being the babysitter. ( i don't really look after Nurin, but when Mama wants to cook, i will take over. penat wooo) I didn't concentrate on all 3 CSIs today simply because i had to chase those little fast feet everywhere. Tiring.. And Nurin got her first bruise today. She was so excited playing hide and seek with her Auntie Uyuun that she stumbled upon a rug and hit the corner the dining chair. Ouch.

Now that Abah had left for Miri, and will be leaving for Abu Dhabi, and London in the weeks to come, I hope Nurin won't ask for her Atuk a lot. Not having her papa around is one thing, so her Atuk la selalu melayan Nurin.

So that doubles up my duty la. But its okay coz watching AF Diary is not the important TV agenda for me anymore since Lotter left. Yeah, I watch AF4. So what? Not that i'm a fanatic or anything but just that i like Lotter. I think he's charming, and funny, very very good at impersonating. He's the only reason i watch AF4. what? y'all laughing now? Go ahead. oh yeah i hope he gets voted back in. =)

It's been one hell of a day today. one coming tomorrow. and more in the weeks to come. It's a good thing Naufal hasn't got those fast feet yet, or else i might have to take livita everyday to keep up! But having those two adorables around is a good way to take my worries away.

Orait, i gotta hit the sack now. Time to recharge.. You'll never know what tomorrow has for me.. What will Nurin do tomorrow? Be prepared. Nites.

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