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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The birthday girl and her birthday wishlist

hello, hello. I'm 23 today! ( should that be a 'yeay!' ? or dang ..?)

Well.. i don't mind being 23.. i mean.. age is just a number. But what i do mind is, what have i achieved up to this day in my life? Some people has even own a company at this age, being this CEO of a company at this age, married at this age (nah..put that aside, i'm not ready for that yet)..

anyways.. rezeki orang ada di mana-mana. maybe it's not my time yet. insya-Allah la, mine, soon to come.. so what? you get to be 23 once in your life time..so tak kesah la..

Abah left for Abu Dhabi today..and Nurin had found a new interest, the TV. Constantly switching it on and off. And following me around. My shadow. Aishh si kenit ni. I neglected her a bit today, sebab penat and confused pasal interview venue this friday. Kesian die..Will make it up to her later la... her Auntie Mimie is around, so she'll be orait la.

Celebration? A small one with the family. Without Abah. But it's okay. Abah handed me his gift before he left. =) .. hmmm..

I wished for something good to happen. Amin

So my birthday wish list? (it's too late to write it here, but this list is for someone who asked me earlier what would i want for my birthday. ok, this list is for YOU)

  • A nokia N93,
  • A Coach handbag,
  • PCD's hoodie,
  • Nine West's shoes,
  • Perlini silver's stainless steel ring, and
  • YOU, who asked me for this list.
(hehehe... Gile la.)

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