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Monday, July 17, 2006

My father the Hero

" I like to mind my own business and stay home, avoiding all invitation to satan's playzone"- Que Chill

My day pretty much started as early as 8.40a.m today.. i usually get up at around 10a.m ( i don't function well before 10, fyi) Nothing really important in particular.. just the thought of my dad/pepito/abah is coming home today. (His plane was scheduled to land later tonite, but what the heck)

I really miss the old guy.. I couldn't function well without him. And he's only gone to Egypt for a week. but i really miss him.. (Once, he left for Egypt for two weeks, i cried at the airport right after he left. ) He's probably the only one guy i stay loyal to.. Boo Hoo.. yes, I'm daddy's girl, always been, always will.

Without Abah, life becomes dull, and quiet. Mama goes to bed early when Abah's away. We would miss Abah as much as Mama would.. With Abah around, we have this karaoke session almost everynight..Abah would joke around, dancing and singing, creating ridicilous-yet-entertaining dance moves.

I owe a lot to Abah.. (and Mama) especially when Abah helped 'him' to land a job at Petronas. I never thought Abah would be so eager to help. In fact Abah was the one who would check 'his' result from time to time.

I screwed up thousands of time. yes. i wasn't the teenager with a perfect teenage life. Sneaking out at nights, being at places where i shouldn't be, when both of them were fast asleep. But Abah and Mama stood by me all the way. Despite how bad the school record was. Abah and Mama were there, picking up the pieces i left. But that's not how i wanted things to be. I've always adored Abah, and really want to be like him..dedicated, courageous, determined, patient..no words can actually describe him.

Oh no, ME, on the other hand, .. dedicated? NO. determined? At times. Patient? Oh yes...Alhamdullilah. If you were to read my entries in "These are my confession", that's the other side of me, literally, that's who i am on the outside.. i'm confused most of the time. Hence I create "Like A Star", that becomes the window i would spill my heart out. The voice within..

A pretender? yes. A pretender who wants to be the contender.

But i believe in KARMA. what goes around comes around, what goes up, must come down. Just have faith and pray for the better..And God will always be by your side, guiding from right and wrong. Insya-Allah.

Okay, okay..enough already!~

Be HAPPY about ONE thing; Mi PEPITO's coming home. =))

the 3 sisters,the best pepito ever.

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