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Friday, August 4, 2006

The busy bee

Havent blogged for such a long time... i've been busy these few days. Handling Nurin Zahirah Husna,being the honorable family's driver, and such. (yeah..am still unemployed). I wouldn't have time to blog, especially when i'm the only one at home with the kudrat to handle Nurin Zahirah Husna. Herself and those little feet. Always "ape ni","ape tu", and empat seems to be her favorite number. (Ask her how many of something, her answer will always be empat) . So since her Papa is here, I can rest la. Surely her papa wants to spend some quality time with Nurin and Naufal.

A little update of what i've been up to these days;

  • My days start as early as 0830 hours daily.
  • I bruised myself the other day sebab mengejar Nurin. To get her wear her diaper is one challenging exercise.
  • Went to catch PCD in action at Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach. Damn Nicole is HOT! She's blazing!~
  • Had an interview with iPerintis on Friday. (Second interview in two weeks time)
  • Taught Nurin a lot of words.. (the right way to say things..she's a parrot, so she listens)
  • Became Nurin's best companion.. ( Auntie yang sangat rajin melayan )
Thats about it, i guess.. the rest, let it be my story. The story that will only be inside me, and only i know.

You know, I've been through a lot of shits in life, that i can write a book about it.I suppose life's like that, you only see what you're made of when the going gets rough.

I regretted not being able to meet a good friend when she was in town. Things kept coming my way that i can even meet her for 1 minute! This is what you call tak ada rezeki. I've been counting days for her visit, in the end, tak ada jumpa jugak. The gathering went on without me instead. How i wish dah pindah to Puncak Perdana so we'll be closer to town and mama tak risau if we balik rumah late at nite. *sigh*

I feel like i've abandoned somebody in some way. We had this beautiful relationship/friendship or what-ever-ship, yet i've been cruel to him. It's always been me, and nothing about him. Saying things he wouldn't wanna hear, talking about crap that he couldn't care less, and many more. But being the most wonderful person that he has always been, he stood by me all the way, picking up the pieces and making me happy. I owe him a lot. I miss being with him, and the time we shared.

Owh dad came home from his longggggggg trip. Nurin almost didnt recognize her Atuk when dad got home. And the house is happy again.. *smile*

Oh them hotties

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