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Monday, August 21, 2006

The day the house became quiet, again

My little Muhammad Zahirul Naufal

it's monday. the house is very quiet. something's missing. No. Someone's missing. Make that two. Nurin and Naufal. Yes. Nurin and Naufal had left for Terengganu, leaving me in tears and sorrow.

No more "Alang, alang," when i was out of her sight . No more "Ape ni?," when she saw something on tv . No more "Sampai umah Opah yea yea," when we got home from somewhere or " Ami balik dah yea yea," when mimie came home from work. No more " Nape dik?," when Naufal cried. No more "Ane pah?," when mama asked her to get something.

No more that little voice that i looked forward to hearing everyday, for the past four weeks.

I wept on the day she left. Not that i wont be able to see her again. it's that i feel sorry for her. And Along. The way we treated Nurin was wayy different from the treatment she got in Terengganu. What ever she wanted, we listened. Who's gonna sing to her "Buai Aju-Aju"? and her favorite Happy You? or Lompat si katak lompat? and who's gonna catch her when she jumps off the table? Who's gonna bawak her mandi kolam?. Her MakYah is too old to play with her, let alone to listen to Nurin's every need. I heard myself when Nurin was scolded for throwing her food on the floor. But here, we let Nurin play with anything. and everything. (with guidance of course.)

She's been my shadow, for following me around. Jemur kain pon nak ikut. (One day I had to tiptoe into the kitchen so she wouldnt hear me. but she did. and when i hid behind the kitchen door, she managed to find me.)

My parrot, for copying everything i say and do. I called Abah to makan, she copied and went, " Abah, Akannnn!,".

My little helper. Bila malas nak amik something, i'll ask Nurin to get it for me. Benda senang-senang la, like naufal's feeding bottle, the key, and suruh Nurin kutip her toys. She's very rajin to help! Bagus... Oh yea, she likes to buang sampah.

Nurin likes to play with the tap. I remembered one day, when i was doing the dishes, She came to me, wanting to wash her hands. I picked her up and she played with the water sampai basah baju. So i asked Along to change her outift, and i continued with the dishes. Nurin came back, and she wanted to wash her hands again. I told her that she'd just washed her hands. Dissapointed, she left. And came back with Naufal's empty bottle and said she wanted to wash it. A bright girl. Finding a reason to play with water.

Another funny story. I went in Mama's room to get her credit card. I checked where Nurin was. ( She likes to play with Mama's cream so I didnt want her to follow me in) She was quite far from me, distracted by the advert on TV. So i sneaked in quietly, get the card, and left the room, closing the door behind me. That's when i realised Nurin was not in front of the Tv anymore. I called her name, and i heard a little voice calling my name. And guess where it came from. Yes. Mama's room. I left her in there. When i didnt even realise that she followed me in! I opened the door, and there she was, giggling at me.

Nurin cant stand the sight of me taking a nap on the couch. She would take her toys and put on my tummy and play with them, yup on my tummy. Her truck went on me once. Oh yea when i almost dozed off, she'd scream at me saying she wanted to mandi kolam. Even when i was taking the shower, (i dont quick shower, that is) she'd call my name from outside my bathroom door and waited until i come out. Kesian dia.

That's when i knew instantly that i am her best friend. Ever.

One day she slept too early ( at 8.30pm) that she woke up at 1 am, and Along couldnt make her go to bed again. Naufal was awake too, wanting to be fed.Luckily all three of us, Mimie, Uyuun and myself hadnt sleep yet, so we took turns to play with Nurin. I played with her the most coz Mimie had to work in the morning. I was eating Super ring and she ate some as well (Abis la kalau papa dia tau kene marah). We played until i couldnt bear to keep my eyes open. at 3 am. She played with the keys, remote control, playing like it was noon. i almost dozed off on the couch when Nurin came to me with the TV's remote control. She had pressed the video button. One moment she stood still. i knew she was sleepy. I was relieved. (What do you expect? It was close to 4am for goodness' sake).

One day before they left, I lost my magic touch. ( I have this magic touch that can make Naufal sleep. it's the way i rock him to sleep) I couldnt rock Naufal to sleep. He would cry and scream out loud. Along couldnt rock Naufal because Nurin hasnt sleep yet. Along had to tidurkan Nurin first, then baru boleh tidur kan Naufal. Usually i would tidurkan Naufal but that night, i couldnt. So Along had to take Naufal. And i had to tidurkan Nurin. Tough job. I had to make her baring, and keep her baring. So i went asking her to count how many sheep there was on her pillow, and count her fingers and toes. Sing to her favorite lullabies (not exactly lullabies la but the rhymes that she likes) I had to repeat the rhymes as many times as she asked. I told Nurin her favorite bedtime story, Mama's make-believe 'Kambing jumpa Lembu'. There were so many version of it that Along had her version,Mimie had hers, and i created my version. And later, she slept.

I learned that on the day she got to Terengganu, she was quiet. She didnt talk to anyone but Mama, Abah and Along. All her cousins came to her and hugged her. But she didnt react to any of them. Maybe she was confused, why she was back there. What happened to umah Opah. She didnt even react to her Makyah's calling. Maybe she's wondering, where's her truck? and Her bola, and Kolam? Bilik Opah? Bilik Alang? Bilik Mama? Bilik Angah?

Oh God i miss Nurin SOOOO much.

Along texted me the other day. Nurin asked her mama for 'Alang'. Along had to lie to her, and told her "Alang pegi keje,". I wept in front of Ilyas coz i couldnt hold it back.

I have yet to sing to Nurin on the phone. I will do that one day, let's just hope i wont sebak. It was very hard to bond with Nurin previously. She was too attached to the other side of the family. Now that we had built this bond, i hope she wont forget me, US.

After all, who would she does all the fun stuff with, if not her Auntie Mimie, Auntie Uyuun and especially her Auntie Alang?

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