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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The weekly recap

It was Abah's 54th Birthday last 26th. We surprised him with a birthday cake at 0001 hours. It's sad Nurin's not here to sing along her favorite 'Happy U'.

Abah was all sleepy and so was Mama. We distracted Abah by asking him to join us watch a movie on HBO.

He was surprised indeed. I wanted to post the pics here but Abah insisted that I rather not. 'I wasnt dressed for the surprise'. (It's a surprise, Abah. you wouldnt know it) Apparently he was in his favorite pagoda t-shirt and kain pelikat. So i posted this image instead, when we had dinner on the weekend Nurin's scheduled to leave.

Oh yeahh and finally, I got a job offer. Not exactly the ideal career, but i need to start somewhere. Gain some knowledges, and experiences, and later find a better job. Well it's the perfect job if programming is my thing. but programmings give me headache so i prefer to work with planning and management teams instead.

Abah said to me twice, "Are you up for this challenge?," and later added, " You know it's ok if you dont want to work there. You can always decline and i'm sure there are more for you,"

Actually, I dont mind taking up the challenge. I know i'll be dead tired by the end of the day, but if the job requires me to be active, why shouldn't i be? Plus it's a very good training for me. The only thing that i dragged about is the fact that i have to work on Saturday, but thinking back, it's a half day, plus i get to wander around at Suria after work. The only restriction is, having to wake up early on Saturday.

I'm sick of Petronas. I think they should change their recruitment method. And i hope i get offered by Murphy Oil. $$$ is way better than what Petronas can offer. Sick. And iPerintis too. Whats really slowing things down is that they require technical people, when i've requested to be with the management and planning team instead. No openings for me, yet. Sick.

Saturday is my convocation.

But my robe is hell huge and it didnt fit me to a tee. damn i look like those wizards in harry potter. And the mortar board is slightly bigger. Guess i have to pin it down to my head so it wont move when i have to bow. I had my graduation costume ready, already. Except that i'll be donning green when my robe is blue, so i'll be looking like a clown, but what the heck. I just need to hunt for the perfect pumps to go with it. i'm not sure how high i want it to be. i'd probably go for the 2 inches high. Just to make sure that i look tall and that will eventually camouflage the big robe. Owh yeah dont forget to get scholl's party feet!

I hope they'll throw a Graduation Party later on in the night. I seriously need to socialize.

Cant wait to start my career as an IT engineer!

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