"Newlyweds become oldyweds, and oldyweds are the reasons that families work..."

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's all in your heart...

Work is getting more challenging... VERY challenging. but i'm getting the hang of it, all by having the past experience of working with users at Carigali. I'm beginning to like wat i'm doing (except when i'm stuck at certain codes, and i need to check back)... Seeing and watching Haizar's expertise on developing systems, has inspired me to go deeper into programming, master the techniques,methods and flow.

It's Friday nite, i'm at home, fully clothed in work attire (i just got back from visiting a sick 'friend') . Thanks Azera for lending me her Baju kurung.. She's definitely a life saver. Always been, always will. She's the friend you never want to leave.. (Azera if you're reading this.., i really mean it.. you've been there for me thru my worst and my best..you stood by me when things go wrong.. i really appreciate your good deed, and from the bottom of my heart, i just wanna say that i really love you and i hope and pray that our friendship will never die..)

This week has been a busy week for me.. I was away for outstation on Wednesday. Stayed with Haizar at Port Klang and helped him out with some errors in the system. and yesterday, J was really sick. So i went over, to jage him.. It's great to see that he's recovering... (it's the thing yang kite ikot kate hati..Azera, you'll know wat i mean) .. J is still my main priority despite wat happened between us.. I dont want to be repaid. it's something you'd do, something you'd want to do for someone you love..or still love..or will always love...

Next week start puasa.

I hope i'm tough enough to survive the North Pole.. and kelaparan... Amin.

"So bile kite nak kawin?" , " Kahwin? Sape? You and me? U nak kawin ngan i? ," "Yeah, I rase i akan kawin ngan you," Azera, i need your prediction..

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The day i turned into a morning person..

It's Monday. And i'm at work. Freezing (almost) to death. If only i cud do somethin with the air-cond. My fingers are practically numb. so does my brain. I cant think of another codes for this system i'm working on..

I sped up at photoshop interface designing this morning.. All because Haizar wanted to see 'at least' somethin by the afternoon. i managed to show him allll... (he said my design is cool..how cool is that? i mean coming by somebody whose been working with photoshop for years.. )..

To blog while at work? yeah. Unethical, isnt it.. but this is an exception to the rule.., Haizar's not around, Azani's at Dayabumi, Ihsan left a minute ago, Boss left for Kerteh, En Hamzah's missing ,Kak Shida & Kak Noni left for Carigali,.. So, tiada org sgt la... hehheheheeh

There's only Kak Nik left here, doing some administration work over at her workstation. Me, i'm at my station, practically frozen.. and counting the hours to get out of this North Pole, and go home, and eat, and sleeeeepppppppppp.. ZZzzzZZZzzZZZzzz

Having to wake up at 6am every morning has made me a Makcik, (a cool one la... stylo lagi).. heheheh...

I'm desperately in need of Dreamweaver Tutorials for dummies like MEEEEEE!!! Haizar expected that i'm good at it, but the truth is... i'm not anywhere near that.. Sumpah kebodohan tahap maksima, ok.. Right.. watever.. I'm still in my training phase, they cant blame me for not knowing how their system works.

But i'm beginning to get Haizar's trust in handling projects. He would request me to assist him, and follow him to see the client. I'm feeling he might want me to take over kak Farra's role instead of Azani and Elyana. I can smell the 'ketidak-puasan hati' from Elyana, she questioned everything from my 3-months-probation-instead-of-the-standard-6-months-period, to the pay i'm getting. But this is wat you call rezeki. Haizar personally told me that he likes the way i handle problems. and that i'm a fast learner. Its really very breathtaking to ever receive such compliment,especially when it comes from your superior.

After all, i reckon this is the place to be, for me to gain knowledge and invaluable experience.