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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

HAWAII.. The place to be...

I was wrong about the other day. It was clearly a blue sky that day, i swear!

I always dream of being anywhere else but here.and the only one place is, HAWAII. Why? I dont have a clue. Hawaii to me is the place where I just could lay around, couldnt care less about everything around me. My freedom. And that's what I needed now. desperately.

Hawaii is where I would call my paradise. I could see myself being a part of the Aloha Spirit, strolling down the beach, listening to Aloha Music.

I would have such beautiful house, by the beach, where I can watch sunrise and sunset, everyday. I would have beautiful Hawaiian to call friends,and the beach would be the witness to my everday life.And the waves would be my everyday music.

Watching Samantha Brown uncovering Hawaii made my passion for the island deepen.How I wish I could trade places with her, and see Hawaii with my own eyes, running my fingers and bury my feet in the crystal sand. Sunbathing? not applicable for Asians like me.
I could hear Hawaii calling my name. And I look forward to seeing her in person, instead of admiring her beauty on TV.

There are a lot of other places where I want to be. But the only place that i wish to make my second home would be Hawaii, and the place to call home, is here,in Malaysia, truly Asia.

( i was in a hurry today, that i forgot to put on my mascara. i felt sooo incomplete. i mean i had eyeliner and eyeshadow on, and mascara should top it off! hishhhhhh)

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