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Friday, October 13, 2006

Just when you think it's gonna haze forever...

The skies are blue again!

Hello there my beautiful people. =)

It's 1.25pm , and according to the clock up on my office's wall it's only.. ahh wait.. it's been fixed! Good. I've been fooled by it a couple of times yesterday.

Work is getting better by the day.. Yeah i was struggling at first, cracking my head with codings that i can bearly remember, to figuring out what language to use, to interface designing. Thank God i have a bunch of helpful team that can really work with me.

And my programming skill is getting sooo much better. This is when i want to rewind everything, go back to college, redo my fyp (without having someone else to do it, and pay him, huh) , get the panels to drop their jaws when they see my system ( and say; "She did that all by herself? She must be kidding me!"), and get an awesome 4.00 for it. There you go!

(and so there i was..looking back and regretted that i didnt take lab sessions seriously, seriously )

The system i'm currently working on is almost at completion level. So bole relax a bit la. Haizar was quite surprised to learn the progress of my system development and he just had to say ; "Woa Norul! Relax... " . But you know what? i'm kinda liking my job now. So loving it. Azera, i know, you must be saying i'm crazy.

(and so here i am, chilling and browsing.. with no coffee to sip!)

I received an email from a Nicholas Khoo regarding a Tunku's Kitchen Contest. I thought it was a spam. I dont even remember entering any contest! But when i read thru it, i remembered clearly that day, when i was just trying my luck.. And so i won! .. hahaha.. I have to go to Menara Star to collect the cooking book (oh yeah it's a cooking book, and it's good for cooking practise.)

I was browsing through the internet when i saw today's headline about the Cory Lidle's Plane Crash. Another nightmare revisited. And the US was quick to think it was another terrorist attack. It is sad to learn that you die doing the things you love doing, or should you be proud of it? I dont know. What's more sad is that the things that you love doing cost you your life.

Another headline.

What do you get when you marry a pastry chef? The answer is : A Creampuff Wedding Gown. (edible)

It's cool to be able to make delicious pastries, especially creampuffs. But to make a dress out of it, it must have taken a huge amount of patience! it took this guy 2 months to complete it, with 1500 creampuffs and weighing 20 pounds. (wait, how heavy is 20 pound).
And the bride was embarassed at first. ( i thot so..) but hey, it's something not just anyone would do for you! it's the love of your life! Appreciate, please! . ( i would wear it though if the love of my life made it for me) .

and that got me thinking.. if you marry a carpenter, what would he make you? hehehhehhe...

*Whoops* There goes my tummy playing the musics j has in his playlist. hehehehe

WIFY's coming out of the workshop today. Poor thing, sakit gigi. I've been negleting her for a while. And havent been driving her around. Will do so next week. I'm going House-Hunting.
Oh yeah..and we're getting the latest addition to the family's cars tomorrow! Finally. Man i cant wait to cruise around in it. Tapi kereta tu mama mesti sayang :,(

Hari Raya is in another 2 weeks. Hope my Pagi Raya wont be as bad as it was last Year.

After all, you just wont believe what just happened. And this, my friend, is what i call, KARMA. Thank you very much.

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