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Monday, November 27, 2006

When cruelty strikes..YIKES

life has its own cruelty, in its own way. One day you're as happy as one can be, and the next day, before you even know it, you fell hard,head first, down to the ground, and thats when reality hit you on the face, giving you a very clear view that life, isnt always as perfect you thought it will be.

No, never, not gonna. So dream on.., if you think you can have the best of everything in the world.

If i could change one thing about my life.., and no, it's not the face, i may have imperfect face structure or whatever, but who am i to complain? God has made each one of us uniquely different from others. So, lets keep it that way, (unless you really have to..for example restructure your face, after an accident).

the one thing that i would change is, the doubts that i have, or still have. These doubts have taken their tolls on my life, my love life, and making everything hard.

As much as i hate to have doubts, i also can't help but to feel insecure,along the way, even over little things. Like having trust.

My curiosity has finally caused me such big trouble. The urge to know, and finding out has made me a very self-doubting person.And I'm scared of the situation that i myself, has created.
But i'm a very serene person. I survived the whole year keeping my feelings to myself. And this should made me brave.I should be ready for any more challenges in the years to come.. Maybe it's God's way to assess me.

So when himself got back to me, i reckon that this may be my remuneration,for keeping my cool, and taking everything tranquilly.

This is when they say "when you love somebody, let him go, if he comes back, you're meant to be"


Anonymous said...

..last sentence = TRUE. :)

-knitsy witsy-

Ushna said...

Yup! Most definitely!!!