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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Big Girls Dont Cry

No, this is not another sad entry. And not a signal that I'm moving away from that one person I love the most, to death.

It's just that I'm in love with this song, and Fergie's vocal is totally insane.

Big girls dont cry is a tribute to those ladies who had to take love life the hard way..

my one hour encounter with Yasmin Ahmad

It was friday, July 27th, 2007.I was scheduled to board on my flight to Langkawi at 1850 hrs. But the weather wasnt so good in the northern region of malaysia, so flight AK6300 was delayed, only to take off at 2000 hrs.

Just waiting to finally get onboard was very tiring. imagine my journey from the office to kl sentral, by LRT, and a shuttle bus to LCCT.

Was settling myself on the passenger seat by the window with babe beside me. we managed to grab a seat at the tail of the plane when the last call for passenger AK6300 was announced.
And guess who was the last one to board the plane. Yasmin Ahmad, and her troop (or her family, rather, coz i recognised her sister, Orked).

She sat on the same lane as mine, but on the other side next to uyuun. She was very simple, wearing just a plain baju kurung and did her hair up. just like perempuan melayu terakhir.She gave me a smile.And i returned the most graceful smile.

Babe, unaware of who she was, picked up a conversation since she wasnt so sure how to incline her nephew's seat.

Yasmin Ahmad was so easy going that she sang (out loud) just before we took off at the runway. I must say she had a lovely voice. Very very entertaining.

The song she sang was an old number which i knew a lil bit of. So when i was about to hum the next line of the song, the lights went out as a signal that the plane was about to take off. Yasmin stopped singing and so did my humming.

So, there we were, up in the sky, leaving Kuala Lumpur and heading to Langkawi.
When the lights when on again, i turned to babe to ask if he wanted to eat anything. And to my surprise, Yasmin Ahmad had already fallen asleep, despite the short period of take off.She must be very tired.

Not for long, she woke up again, to the smell of the instant noodle that she had ordered earlier.
Babe was asleep on my shoulder which left me with nothing to do but listened to everything that she said.

From her latest blog entry (Check out her blog link on the left tab!) to a flight to paris that she has to catch (or something like that) to her conversation in Bahasa Indonesia with her maid and to that long look at me..

And this time, it is my turn to smile at her. And she, returned the smile gracefully.
When we arrived at Langkawi International Airport,while waiting for our luggage, I didnt have the guts to go up to her and say "Yasmin, i'm a big fan of your movie and your blog," .

But deep down inside, i just missed the once in a life time opportunity to meet one of the amazing director in the world.

Meanwhile, check out our bored faces just waiting for our flight!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Polka - Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Totally a true definition of 'action speaks louder than words'.
It's really cute to see the changes of her facial expression each time she failed to woo the guy's heart. I've never thought of the idea of trying to impress a guy by playing music while at the bus stop. Nice try, though. I would like to try to impress my man by playing music to him one day..

Definitely planted a wide smile on my face.

(Errr...Dad, would you reconsider sending me to that violin class you've been wanting me to attend? I think i want to enrol myself)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

RECHARGE REVELATION presents Europe's biggest dance music festival

For the past 4 years, REVELATION has staged the most refreshing, exciting and memorable parties Malaysia has ever seen, bringing together the world’s leading dance DJs and electronic music acts.

REVELATION began in 2003 when more than 7,000 clubbers were blown away by a sensory overload of amazing music, fresh creative artwork and exciting interactive activities. Since then it has turned into South East Asia’s landmark music event, accommodating more than 20,000 clubbers with a music policy that embraces electronic music, rock, and hip hop; truly an event dedicated to contemporary progressive modern living.

On October 27th, 2007, celebrating its fifth anniversary at a specially built site at the A’Famosa Resort outside Melaka, RECHARGE REVELATION presents GLOBAL GATHERING, Europe ’s biggest dance music festival. In Europe, GLOBAL GATHERING has consistently run sold out festivals, reaching its peak in 2006 with a record-breaking attendance of over 70,000 party-goers. Now on a world tour, GLOBAL GATHERING will be landing in Ukraine, Turkey, Miami and Las Vegas. Malaysia is the first Asian country to host a GLOBAL GATHERING event.

RECHARGE REVELATION and GLOBAL GATHERING is the perfect partnership as both are recognised for their production expertise and skillful programming of the most current international and local musical talent. They both also always deliver exciting interactive activities and showcase performance, dance, multimedia, art, fashion, design, film and adventure rides in a multi-space environment.

RECHARGE REVELATION 5 GLOBAL GATHERING will be the event of 2007 with a line up of more than 40 international, regional and local acts spread across six arenas (outdoor and covered) with some of the most innovative lifestyle facilities ever seen at a Malaysian music festival. The full line up of acts and activities will be released in August so watch this space.

Get ready to put on your best shuffle moves! See you at A'Famosa!

P/S: Early Birds tix are out at RM50 (inclusive of 2 Drinks), get it now fellow raver.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Series of (Un)Fortunate Event

My apology for not updating my blog. Not that i dont want to, nor that i dont have anything to say about.. it's just that I could not, or rather am having trouble logging on to this site. .and that led me to experiencing a series of (un)fortunate events. Read on...

Unfortunate event No. 1:
After strenuous attempt to log in to blogger.com,I succeeded. I have no idea what was wrong but everytime when i log in, the page tends to take longer time to load. and that made me very very very extremely malas to log in again.. (maybe it's my PC's fault, having too many stuff in it, makes it a very lazy PC)

And then... I found out that the fastest way to log in was.. to actually login at the old blogger page, and later (since i've switch to the goggle account) i will be redirected to the new blogger page, and later succeeded the whole login process!

Unfortunate event No. 2:
Having had the experience of being stuck in a lift for few hours (can't recall the exact year, but clearly it was one lift in Murni Apartment, MURNI 1), I couldnt handle another "help me get out of the lift, it's stuck" moment.

Definitely not, when you're traveling up to level 52 in PETRONAS Twin Towers. The lift that should be able to take me up to level 52 within a minute, didnt do what it is designed to do, only to stop at every few levels, and went "Perkhidmatan Tingkat Lain".

OK, I excused the fact that the Twin Towers are installed with double-decker lifts that serve 2 levels at a time, and that it'll stop eventually to allow people from above or below your lift deck to go off at the level that they've selected.

One or two times, I'm cool with it, But on the day this event occurred, the lift stopped at every other level, making me (I was alone) really bored just waiting for lift to arrive at my level.

Bored enough, I leaned against the lift's wall, with my handbag accidently pressing the alarm bell button.

To my horror, the speaker went on and there was a phone ring. A woman over the phone (must be the operator), asking me "Hello Mam, Is there a problem Mam? Do you need help?"

And I, quite embarrassed by the situation, coolly went, "Oh No, everything is fine. "

I'm amazed with how fast the alarm bell button connected me to the operator (very unlike Murni 1, when it was used as a walkie talkie) .If I was really stuck that day, I wouldnt freak out for sure.

Note to self: Watch where you lean in the lift, and watch what your handbag can do.

Unfortunate Event No.3:

(Not actually an unfortunate event for me, but for what i (may) hit.. Sorry)

Was on my way down to Ampang to visit himself. Was driving carefully with all the road rules clearly in my head.

As i exited NKVE at Jalan Duta,to Jalan Ipoh straight down to Jalan Kuching, I stayed on the left-most lane, giving way to those other fast and furious cars because I was going to make a left turn up to Jalan Tun Razak anyway. Jalan Kuching is quite a busy road, with fast cars to watch and motorcycles to keep your eyes on, since they tend to take up the whole space of the left-most lane. Was cruising well, until, to my horror, a gigantic lizard (or rather a biawak , besar gile, no kidding) came out of the bushes and trying to make its way across to the other side of the road (maybe). I tell you, that's very very suicidal, (for the lizard, of course) to try to cross across a very very busy saturday afternoon.

The lizard must be stunned to see so many fast cars passing by, it actually stayed put, maybe not knowing what on earth it has to do. And, with no other way to elak the lizard, (because I'm on the left-most lane, with no emergency lane, and cars on my right lane are going so fast, I might ended up clashing into them if I still want to try to elak it) and since the lizard was practically frozen, I cleverly tried to go over it, with hopes that the lizard wouldn't move an inch while i had to go over him.

But, to my horror, when i go over it, it started to move. I might had hit its legs because when i looked at the rear view mirror, it's gone. There's no way a lizard that big could have flown elsewhere, so I think it might had run back into the bushes, knowing the danger it was in and probably what the danger had caused itself (my prediction that it must be suffering from broken legs). It just felt like I had hit a really huge road bump.

I was afraid that it might get stuck under my car, and that I had dragged him along the way.

So when i reached babe's crib, I was afraid to get out of the car, thinking that if I really did drag him along to Ampang, and that if it's still alive, it might attack me the minute I get off the front seat.

Lucky me, I didn't drag him along..

I was in shock the whole day, remembering the incident. I thought that it's spirit (if it's really dead) might haunt me, with attempt to claim it's life back.

Note to self : Try not to do such clever act. It's definitely not clever, at all. (I mean, tell me, what would you instead?)

Fortunate Event No.4:
The French Company called for interview No:2. 'Nuff said. Just wish me the best of luck.. ;)

Fortunate Event No.5:

UVNATION - June 9th , Rooftop @ OU
Damn the music was CRAZYYYYYYY. Benny Benassi is CRAZY. Digging you straight in the heart making it beat really fast. Damn that was nasty.

DJ Benny Benassi

Enough Said.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Breaking the chain

YES.. I've been chained..

By a friend who loves to get me involved in what ever S*** she's doing... :) (Kidding laa Zerr...heheheheheh)

Ok.. was browsing thru a friend's blog.. She insisted that i read hers.. Bace la Ush..name ko ade..
Well... being too curious to know what the hell she wrote about me.... I ended up being tied to a chain... She made me blog about 6 weird things about myself... which is.. kinda hard for me to think about what is weird about me.. Hmmm.. but then i got to thinking.... there must be at least something weird about me...

So there i was, trying hard to think about it... just to break this chain.
And finally.. i came up with 6 weird things about me..

(I Cant believe i'm blogging about my weirdness... THIS IS ALL FOR YOU, AZERA)

1. I dont eat animal organs except their paru.

2. I couldn't sleep at night if i see a cicak on my bedroom ceiling. There's no way i'm gonna shut my eyes.

3. I make my (hot) drinks with lots and lots and lots of creamer.. YUMM - O

4. I fear for those Chinese Lions. Still do actually.. There's no way you can find me near them when they are performing.

5. I cry even over the smallest things that you couldnt imagine.

6. I CANT STAND THE SIGHT OF JASHAR HAMZAH SLEEPING OR TAKING A NAPPP... I always like to kacau him so he'd wake up(Sorry babyy)... Even in college, if you'd remember, Azera. I always go in and out of your room in murni when u're asleep,with hopes that you'd wake up... hehehehe

PHEWWWW... there you go.. list of 6, completed..

Now.. the best part..MY turn to chainn..So beware and let's hope your name is not in the list...

The 6 (un)lucky people are....

1. My baby sisterr.. uyuuun.. i know u're reading this.. and i'm sure you got more than 6 to list down.... better start blogging!

2. Baby BOOO.. Sorry sayang.. you dont have to blog.. you can just tell me.... ;)

3. Nanayauu (Nana... sorry saje nak suh ko update blog..heheehh)

4. Knitsy (I know Zerr did to you already.. But this is My part of the chain.. HEHEEH)

5. MIMIEEEEE Sorry nak cukup kan 6.

6. AZERA MOKHTAR... hahahhahahaha (I dont hate u..so can i put u in a bag and push u down the stairs??? hehehehe MUAHHH)


Monday, January 22, 2007

When your MY boss has gone crazy..

The only sentence that got me furious, was the words " You are paid to worry about deadlines," And yeah.. what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Does that scare me? Neah.. not even close.. I just wanna laugh my heart out. That's all.

Because.. I don't really get the message he's trying to deliver to me... Hmmmm...

The meeting i had with my boss today, was as what i had expected. To talk about more (and more..) workload.. oh yeah, on the next project, i am officially an acting QA executive.. and what am i supposed to do? i ain't got no idea.

Somehow i wish i am a robot, that i have robotic fingers (so i can type the keyboard a lot faster) and how i wish i can foresee my future, if my rezki lies with that French Company that i sooooo want to be employed by.

I was wrong about this place being the best training place... As far as i'm concerned, i'm my only trainer. Let's see how long i can cope with this unhealhty environment.

Oh God please let tomorrow be a cheerful day for me...=(

On the other hand..., I enjoy the morning breakfast with babe... =)

My weekend was a joyous one... just being with my other husna.. =)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

When you have no option..

this weekend, i should be in Kerteh. But my work had restricted me to do just so. this is definitely pathetic. All i want to do this weekend is to be with my other Husna, and chill with her.. making her copy every single (good) words i say.. and teach her to sing...

this is very sickening... because i'm not comfortable anymore in that company.. experience wise, it's a good practise. and i'm praying for the offer from that french company. so i can live a more secured job and be merrily happy with it. i wouldnt mind at all having to work hard to strive, for i know, that's the only way to survive. In life, we cant always have the nicest things. sometimes nice things dont promise you anything, at least, that's what i picked up during the past one year, being on my own.

i hate it when i have to comply with my company rules. especially when your company has different regulations than other company. . even abah doesnt want to say much of it, let alone my own boyfriend. i wanted to take MC instead, but i sensed that they might find me still. and eventually figure out that i'm skipping work...

Please KEEP your beautiful fingers crossed for dearest ME ..=)

Saturday, January 6, 2007

From Miss to Mrs..

No, I'm not cruel to not invite you people to my wedding.

It's just a title i purposely use for my Isetan Member Card just to be able to apply a subcard for babe. Subcard is for spouse only, so to apply it, i have to be a 'Mrs' and apparently married to Mr Jashar Hamzah.. Heavenly, isn't it?

So everytime the newletter arrives at home, i'm just gonna pick it up, show to mum and say," Ma, look, they mistakenly put Mrs in front of my name," and then laugh about it.

Yeah, laugh as though you have nothing to do with it.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

When Nurin comes to visit..

She gave me a small cut on the middle finger of my left hand,a result of grasping my hand too hard. She seemed so excited playing with just anyone! Maybe she didnt get the kind of attention we gave her back home in Kemaman. Her Tok Wan came along yesterday, and she just sat and watched Nurin played with us.

She has a very talkative little mouth!. .oh yeah.. a parrot STILL! copying every single word said by me, or anyone! oh what a cutie.

And everytime she sees me, she would run to me and hugs my feet, saying,"Auntie Alang, Auntie Alang,".Hehe...Maybe I'm her favorite auntie. *Grin*.

I love singing Happy Birthday to her. That's like her favourite song. Back then she could only sing the words "Happy You" but now she had improved by adding "To", making it "Happy To You"..

Nurin is definitely a mood lifter.. For once i can't wait to get back home so i can see that cute face.. waiting at the door for me to come home, and say, " Auntie Alang balik dah yeah yeah," the minute she sees me.

Suddenly I can't wait to start a family.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Norul Ushna and her freaking weight ISSUE

Yeap.That's right. You read it right. Azera's gonna scream at me the instant she reads the headline., and will start comparing thigh sizes with me, "Ush, tengok peha aku,lagi besar dari kau punye ok!,"

But, my thighs aren't my problem. My tummy, yang berlipat 7, 7 layered that i can paint all 7 colors of the rainbow on it, IS MY PROBLEM.

The last time i checked (exactly two days ago) I weight (don't freak out ok) 49kgs. But do i look 49kgs? HELL NO.
Because my tummy seems to be wanting extra attention, popping out everytime, especially when I don my favourite tops, and when I sit. Do you know how painful it is, to have hold your breath, just to look stunningly slim? SICK.

I've been on a good diet, (it doesn't work, because I can't curb my hunger pang), and for some reason, I don't feel like eating at all. But that doesn't work either.

Because I still look like I'm 4 months pregnant.

Come to think about it, dieting alone won't do much to your body. It's exercising! that will have a HUGE impact on your body.

And I'm thinking of joining Fitness First. That's gonna burn a hole in my bank account for quite sometimes, but what the heck. At least I can get those 6 packs I've been dying for.

And baby boo will definitely love the idea...

Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year, New Me

" Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to do it right"

- Oprah Winfrey

I welcomed 2007 with a smile on my face and I watched the fireworks too.. only to find them in my DREAM! Yeah... I dozed off few minutes before midnight of New Year's Eve. But I managed to call himself and wished him Happy New Year, in my best I-just-woke-up voice. Himself was out celebrating the night away with fellow friends. I, myself, on the other hand, had to obey the fact that I live in a jungle where a Tapir just got killed, and the fact that it was AidilAdha.

The cliche thing about New Year is that you need to have (a) resolution(s). But i think it's up to you, really. Some people just wanna chill around, do nothing, come what may, that is. Some just wanna be productive, and innovative, and some just wanna at least achieve something. like me.

"So what is your resolution?," you might ask. My "things that I want to achieve", pardon me..

So here goes, the list of things.. (randomly numbered)

  1. Get RICH (or die trying)
  2. Get a JOB with MURPHY OIL
  3. Try NOT to get into a FIGHT with my CHILDISH brother
  4. Get Nurin to speak proper Bahasa.
  5. Teach Nurin to Boogie Down
  6. Invest in ASB/ASN (priority No. 1)
  7. Save at least RM400 of my pay, monthly.
  8. Enrol into a fitness class of any sort, be it aerobics, pilates, yoga or even a dance class.
  9. Learn the art of Shuffling (at least I know how to move =) )
  10. Eat more fruits. Control my diet --> Shed a few fats off, and keep them OFF.
  11. Get a SONY ERICSSON handphone.
  12. Talk Abah into getting new set of RIMS for WFY (or what's even better, to get him buy a new RIDE)
  13. Hang out with friends even more.
  14. BE a BETTER person...and WISER too.
  15. Learn to make delicious dishes. (Finger / spoon /fork licking ones)
  16. Discipline myself to get CRYSTAL clear SKIN --> Try not to skip any beauty regime.
  17. GET ENGAGED with BABY BOO ... =)

Achievable? INDEED! Just stick with me for any updates! Happy 2007 , people!