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Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year, New Me

" Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to do it right"

- Oprah Winfrey

I welcomed 2007 with a smile on my face and I watched the fireworks too.. only to find them in my DREAM! Yeah... I dozed off few minutes before midnight of New Year's Eve. But I managed to call himself and wished him Happy New Year, in my best I-just-woke-up voice. Himself was out celebrating the night away with fellow friends. I, myself, on the other hand, had to obey the fact that I live in a jungle where a Tapir just got killed, and the fact that it was AidilAdha.

The cliche thing about New Year is that you need to have (a) resolution(s). But i think it's up to you, really. Some people just wanna chill around, do nothing, come what may, that is. Some just wanna be productive, and innovative, and some just wanna at least achieve something. like me.

"So what is your resolution?," you might ask. My "things that I want to achieve", pardon me..

So here goes, the list of things.. (randomly numbered)

  1. Get RICH (or die trying)
  2. Get a JOB with MURPHY OIL
  3. Try NOT to get into a FIGHT with my CHILDISH brother
  4. Get Nurin to speak proper Bahasa.
  5. Teach Nurin to Boogie Down
  6. Invest in ASB/ASN (priority No. 1)
  7. Save at least RM400 of my pay, monthly.
  8. Enrol into a fitness class of any sort, be it aerobics, pilates, yoga or even a dance class.
  9. Learn the art of Shuffling (at least I know how to move =) )
  10. Eat more fruits. Control my diet --> Shed a few fats off, and keep them OFF.
  11. Get a SONY ERICSSON handphone.
  12. Talk Abah into getting new set of RIMS for WFY (or what's even better, to get him buy a new RIDE)
  13. Hang out with friends even more.
  14. BE a BETTER person...and WISER too.
  15. Learn to make delicious dishes. (Finger / spoon /fork licking ones)
  16. Discipline myself to get CRYSTAL clear SKIN --> Try not to skip any beauty regime.
  17. GET ENGAGED with BABY BOO ... =)

Achievable? INDEED! Just stick with me for any updates! Happy 2007 , people!

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