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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Norul Ushna and her freaking weight ISSUE

Yeap.That's right. You read it right. Azera's gonna scream at me the instant she reads the headline., and will start comparing thigh sizes with me, "Ush, tengok peha aku,lagi besar dari kau punye ok!,"

But, my thighs aren't my problem. My tummy, yang berlipat 7, 7 layered that i can paint all 7 colors of the rainbow on it, IS MY PROBLEM.

The last time i checked (exactly two days ago) I weight (don't freak out ok) 49kgs. But do i look 49kgs? HELL NO.
Because my tummy seems to be wanting extra attention, popping out everytime, especially when I don my favourite tops, and when I sit. Do you know how painful it is, to have hold your breath, just to look stunningly slim? SICK.

I've been on a good diet, (it doesn't work, because I can't curb my hunger pang), and for some reason, I don't feel like eating at all. But that doesn't work either.

Because I still look like I'm 4 months pregnant.

Come to think about it, dieting alone won't do much to your body. It's exercising! that will have a HUGE impact on your body.

And I'm thinking of joining Fitness First. That's gonna burn a hole in my bank account for quite sometimes, but what the heck. At least I can get those 6 packs I've been dying for.

And baby boo will definitely love the idea...

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