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Thursday, January 4, 2007

When Nurin comes to visit..

She gave me a small cut on the middle finger of my left hand,a result of grasping my hand too hard. She seemed so excited playing with just anyone! Maybe she didnt get the kind of attention we gave her back home in Kemaman. Her Tok Wan came along yesterday, and she just sat and watched Nurin played with us.

She has a very talkative little mouth!. .oh yeah.. a parrot STILL! copying every single word said by me, or anyone! oh what a cutie.

And everytime she sees me, she would run to me and hugs my feet, saying,"Auntie Alang, Auntie Alang,".Hehe...Maybe I'm her favorite auntie. *Grin*.

I love singing Happy Birthday to her. That's like her favourite song. Back then she could only sing the words "Happy You" but now she had improved by adding "To", making it "Happy To You"..

Nurin is definitely a mood lifter.. For once i can't wait to get back home so i can see that cute face.. waiting at the door for me to come home, and say, " Auntie Alang balik dah yeah yeah," the minute she sees me.

Suddenly I can't wait to start a family.

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