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Thursday, January 18, 2007

When you have no option..

this weekend, i should be in Kerteh. But my work had restricted me to do just so. this is definitely pathetic. All i want to do this weekend is to be with my other Husna, and chill with her.. making her copy every single (good) words i say.. and teach her to sing...

this is very sickening... because i'm not comfortable anymore in that company.. experience wise, it's a good practise. and i'm praying for the offer from that french company. so i can live a more secured job and be merrily happy with it. i wouldnt mind at all having to work hard to strive, for i know, that's the only way to survive. In life, we cant always have the nicest things. sometimes nice things dont promise you anything, at least, that's what i picked up during the past one year, being on my own.

i hate it when i have to comply with my company rules. especially when your company has different regulations than other company. . even abah doesnt want to say much of it, let alone my own boyfriend. i wanted to take MC instead, but i sensed that they might find me still. and eventually figure out that i'm skipping work...

Please KEEP your beautiful fingers crossed for dearest ME ..=)

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