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Monday, January 22, 2007

When your MY boss has gone crazy..

The only sentence that got me furious, was the words " You are paid to worry about deadlines," And yeah.. what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Does that scare me? Neah.. not even close.. I just wanna laugh my heart out. That's all.

Because.. I don't really get the message he's trying to deliver to me... Hmmmm...

The meeting i had with my boss today, was as what i had expected. To talk about more (and more..) workload.. oh yeah, on the next project, i am officially an acting QA executive.. and what am i supposed to do? i ain't got no idea.

Somehow i wish i am a robot, that i have robotic fingers (so i can type the keyboard a lot faster) and how i wish i can foresee my future, if my rezki lies with that French Company that i sooooo want to be employed by.

I was wrong about this place being the best training place... As far as i'm concerned, i'm my only trainer. Let's see how long i can cope with this unhealhty environment.

Oh God please let tomorrow be a cheerful day for me...=(

On the other hand..., I enjoy the morning breakfast with babe... =)

My weekend was a joyous one... just being with my other husna.. =)


Ms ARA said...

eyp ush! nak tukar keje ke? which french company nih? waaa. sounds nice. neway, i'm sure u'll get it. insyaAllah ade rezeki kat situ. hehe. take care aight. kem salam zerr. ckp, me mish dia laa. hohoho. happy working, babe. don't stress2! ;)

Ushna said...

hahaha.... blom lagi.. kalo dh di offer..then br i bgtau... hehehehe...=)

Syafrizal said...

That's why I don't want to work under anyone, I'm tired of makan gaji but anyway, good luck with your new job. If it makes you happy, why not?