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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Breaking the chain

YES.. I've been chained..

By a friend who loves to get me involved in what ever S*** she's doing... :) (Kidding laa Zerr...heheheheheh)

Ok.. was browsing thru a friend's blog.. She insisted that i read hers.. Bace la Ush..name ko ade..
Well... being too curious to know what the hell she wrote about me.... I ended up being tied to a chain... She made me blog about 6 weird things about myself... which is.. kinda hard for me to think about what is weird about me.. Hmmm.. but then i got to thinking.... there must be at least something weird about me...

So there i was, trying hard to think about it... just to break this chain.
And finally.. i came up with 6 weird things about me..

(I Cant believe i'm blogging about my weirdness... THIS IS ALL FOR YOU, AZERA)

1. I dont eat animal organs except their paru.

2. I couldn't sleep at night if i see a cicak on my bedroom ceiling. There's no way i'm gonna shut my eyes.

3. I make my (hot) drinks with lots and lots and lots of creamer.. YUMM - O

4. I fear for those Chinese Lions. Still do actually.. There's no way you can find me near them when they are performing.

5. I cry even over the smallest things that you couldnt imagine.

6. I CANT STAND THE SIGHT OF JASHAR HAMZAH SLEEPING OR TAKING A NAPPP... I always like to kacau him so he'd wake up(Sorry babyy)... Even in college, if you'd remember, Azera. I always go in and out of your room in murni when u're asleep,with hopes that you'd wake up... hehehehe

PHEWWWW... there you go.. list of 6, completed..

Now.. the best part..MY turn to chainn..So beware and let's hope your name is not in the list...

The 6 (un)lucky people are....

1. My baby sisterr.. uyuuun.. i know u're reading this.. and i'm sure you got more than 6 to list down.... better start blogging!

2. Baby BOOO.. Sorry sayang.. you dont have to blog.. you can just tell me.... ;)

3. Nanayauu (Nana... sorry saje nak suh ko update blog..heheehh)

4. Knitsy (I know Zerr did to you already.. But this is My part of the chain.. HEHEEH)

5. MIMIEEEEE Sorry nak cukup kan 6.

6. AZERA MOKHTAR... hahahhahahaha (I dont hate u..so can i put u in a bag and push u down the stairs??? hehehehe MUAHHH)