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Sunday, July 22, 2007

RECHARGE REVELATION presents Europe's biggest dance music festival

For the past 4 years, REVELATION has staged the most refreshing, exciting and memorable parties Malaysia has ever seen, bringing together the world’s leading dance DJs and electronic music acts.

REVELATION began in 2003 when more than 7,000 clubbers were blown away by a sensory overload of amazing music, fresh creative artwork and exciting interactive activities. Since then it has turned into South East Asia’s landmark music event, accommodating more than 20,000 clubbers with a music policy that embraces electronic music, rock, and hip hop; truly an event dedicated to contemporary progressive modern living.

On October 27th, 2007, celebrating its fifth anniversary at a specially built site at the A’Famosa Resort outside Melaka, RECHARGE REVELATION presents GLOBAL GATHERING, Europe ’s biggest dance music festival. In Europe, GLOBAL GATHERING has consistently run sold out festivals, reaching its peak in 2006 with a record-breaking attendance of over 70,000 party-goers. Now on a world tour, GLOBAL GATHERING will be landing in Ukraine, Turkey, Miami and Las Vegas. Malaysia is the first Asian country to host a GLOBAL GATHERING event.

RECHARGE REVELATION and GLOBAL GATHERING is the perfect partnership as both are recognised for their production expertise and skillful programming of the most current international and local musical talent. They both also always deliver exciting interactive activities and showcase performance, dance, multimedia, art, fashion, design, film and adventure rides in a multi-space environment.

RECHARGE REVELATION 5 GLOBAL GATHERING will be the event of 2007 with a line up of more than 40 international, regional and local acts spread across six arenas (outdoor and covered) with some of the most innovative lifestyle facilities ever seen at a Malaysian music festival. The full line up of acts and activities will be released in August so watch this space.

Get ready to put on your best shuffle moves! See you at A'Famosa!

P/S: Early Birds tix are out at RM50 (inclusive of 2 Drinks), get it now fellow raver.


Syafrizal said...

Wow.. you really are in a party mode aren't you? Well if it makes you happy, why not. But take good care of yourself.

Ushna said...

well..you see, there's no harm being in a party mode. it's just another way of having fun. if u really know wat u're doing,n aware of it, u'll be fine.just hang with the right crowd.