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Saturday, August 25, 2007

my one hour encounter with Yasmin Ahmad

It was friday, July 27th, 2007.I was scheduled to board on my flight to Langkawi at 1850 hrs. But the weather wasnt so good in the northern region of malaysia, so flight AK6300 was delayed, only to take off at 2000 hrs.

Just waiting to finally get onboard was very tiring. imagine my journey from the office to kl sentral, by LRT, and a shuttle bus to LCCT.

Was settling myself on the passenger seat by the window with babe beside me. we managed to grab a seat at the tail of the plane when the last call for passenger AK6300 was announced.
And guess who was the last one to board the plane. Yasmin Ahmad, and her troop (or her family, rather, coz i recognised her sister, Orked).

She sat on the same lane as mine, but on the other side next to uyuun. She was very simple, wearing just a plain baju kurung and did her hair up. just like perempuan melayu terakhir.She gave me a smile.And i returned the most graceful smile.

Babe, unaware of who she was, picked up a conversation since she wasnt so sure how to incline her nephew's seat.

Yasmin Ahmad was so easy going that she sang (out loud) just before we took off at the runway. I must say she had a lovely voice. Very very entertaining.

The song she sang was an old number which i knew a lil bit of. So when i was about to hum the next line of the song, the lights went out as a signal that the plane was about to take off. Yasmin stopped singing and so did my humming.

So, there we were, up in the sky, leaving Kuala Lumpur and heading to Langkawi.
When the lights when on again, i turned to babe to ask if he wanted to eat anything. And to my surprise, Yasmin Ahmad had already fallen asleep, despite the short period of take off.She must be very tired.

Not for long, she woke up again, to the smell of the instant noodle that she had ordered earlier.
Babe was asleep on my shoulder which left me with nothing to do but listened to everything that she said.

From her latest blog entry (Check out her blog link on the left tab!) to a flight to paris that she has to catch (or something like that) to her conversation in Bahasa Indonesia with her maid and to that long look at me..

And this time, it is my turn to smile at her. And she, returned the smile gracefully.
When we arrived at Langkawi International Airport,while waiting for our luggage, I didnt have the guts to go up to her and say "Yasmin, i'm a big fan of your movie and your blog," .

But deep down inside, i just missed the once in a life time opportunity to meet one of the amazing director in the world.

Meanwhile, check out our bored faces just waiting for our flight!

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