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Thursday, February 14, 2008

True Love Grows - A dedication to my one true

Take my hand.Bring me to you.

Note the Valentine's Day.

I'm not going to be anywhere, but at home. But that doesn't make me single,either. In fact, I can declare myself the luckiest girl on earth, for being so in love with the same guy who never failed to see the best in me, for 10 years. Never failed. Despite the obvious differences we had. But that's another story. I have no desire to even talk about it, I have thrown away all those unnecessary feelings that I for sure know, I need not have.

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down." - Oprah Winfrey

Not so many people can do that. To take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. Life is not about happy things or about the things that we want.At least I learned that the hard way. When life hit me hard in the head, and remind me, that life isn't always about getting what you want, or how you want it to be. But I believe the love I have in me; the love I have for myself, and whatever's left of his love, for me;and I stood by him at all times, and he saw that in me.

"The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love." - Henry Miller

I find this qoute surprisingly very true, although I've always thought just who can do better in 10 years. But in the end, I found myself finding ways to expand my love to him, as I always have this odd feeling that everyday, I feel that I never give enough love.

But that's just the greatest thing about love. Love grows. It's never going to be enough.

Suddenly I wish to be in Paris, with my dearest Jashar Hamzah

Happy Valentine's Day Baby Love! ♥♥♥

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nightmare Revisited

As i recall the blog entry i posted on What's so Weird about me, the one thing that i haven't really found the courage to EVER strike off my Fear List, is this : The Chinese Lion Dance.

And yesterday, just as I finished my lunch at Suria, and was on my way to meet my sister (who was soo into Benefit that she has to pass lunch to get a make over and buy more make up), there was a huge drum bang. And I, who haven't failed to recognize what the drum bang means, grabbed Mimie's hand and tell her to be quick, "Mimie we need to get to Parkson quickly. i dont like the sound of this. They're near us!"

Yes, Them Lion Dance. 'Tong-Tong-Cheng'-ing somewhere really close to me. but finally i figured out their exact location, from where other mall visitors were looking. Two levels up, but this thing has legs, they'll definitely find their way down (2008, these lion dance must know how to go down the escalator) and finally to 'greet' me.

I dont know why i was so afraid of them. i know they're only human, in lion-like pants, but there is something about the lion's head... so furious looking, and their movement, they are very quick that i feel they're after me. Stupid reason, i know. I'd like to watch them on TV, i like their performance, jumping from one post to another, that is just awesome. but try to be in my shoes, u'll hate the fact that u're afraid of them too.

I did my very best to try to overcome my fear of them, by waiting for them to come down and walk my way. Who knew, this is my first encounter with them in 2008, maybe i had grown the courage to face them, after not seeing them in many months.

But i was unsuccessful. As the drumming drew near, my feet automatically made their move back into Parkson. I was hoping that my feet would stay for a while, you know, get that heart pumping real fast... but no. my feet refused.

We'll see how the next Chinese New Year turn out for me. Till we meet again, Lions.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Choices I've Made

Please accept my apology for not updating. It’s been a long time coming, so I’m just going to pick up where I left off.

Referring to the RECHARGE REVELATION entry, yes we made it to Recharge Revelation Global Gathering 5 on 27th October 2007 at A’Famosa Resort, Malacca. Never mind the fact that the whole arena were covered with mud, (was pretty disturbing at first, because I had my favorite white MNG sneakers on. But when the night came, and party-goers are all possessed, my white sneakers were the last thing I cared about) the music was killing me! It was crazy. I just couldn’t stop! My feet just wanted to groove to the sound of electronic music banging from them huge speakers! And the Moon… the moon was full, and so beautiful. It was almost unbelievable to see Moon like that. It had red and blue rings around it. I wasn’t sure it was just my imagination, because God-knows I was possessed that time. But a friend saw it too. And when I asked Babe to look at it, he saw it too. Some even said the event was linked to the Full Moon Party... Who knows, it might just be.

Finally, we get to move in our new up-on-the-hill, jungle-and-lake-viewing home. There are a few little things here and there that hasn’t been completed or attended to, but who cares. The grills are up and the alarm is running, and the rest can just wait. But we’re not accepting visitors until the house is fully, 100% completed. My room isn’t really ready either. My ceiling fan isn’t installed yet, I have room painting on my to-do list, and a little touch up and re-arrangement of furniture. I’m barely home during the weekend; I like to get involved with Babe’s activity back in the city. But when I do, I’m really busy, chasing the two little kids out of my room and explaining that “Auntie Alang is trying to redecorating her room, Please behave,” . I knew they meant well when Nurin and Naufal took some stuff out of my box and Nurin asked me, “Auntie Alang, ni nak letak mane?,” And Auntie Alang here thinking ‘So adorable of them to try to help Auntie Alang!’, told Nurin, “ Nurin letak dalam laci tu OK?,” . Just when I expected her to do as told, Nurin was fast to rephrase me by saying, “Ayin letak kat sini la, OK?” and went straight to put my stuff in the lowest drawer of my closet. I thought to myself, ‘very well, I’ll remove them later when Nurin’s out of my room’ and went on unpacking other box. While I was busy rummaging through one box that’s full of stuff that I never knew I had before, I turned to check on my two little helpers. To my horror, both of them had been rearranging my stuff, taking them out from one drawer and putting it into the other, in other words, messing up my room! WHO’S THE DECORATOR HERE? That’s when I showed them who the BOSS is and send them back to their mom.

And i need to hide/keep my handphone away from nurin too. She loves it sooo much that she would try her very best to sneak her fingers down my bag or my pocket (or where ever i attempt to hide it). as a result, my once oh-so-cute-and-classy clamshell phone, has gone at it's worse, with casing having changed twice, and sangat lembik that it can open and close by itself. Which got me thinking of getting a new handphone, and the one being in my mind right is this. check below.

Sony Ericsson W660i.

Owh The Classic Rosy Red one puh-leaseee!!!!!

What NOT to like about this phone? It has everything!! (at least, of how i have wanted my ideal phone to have.. plus, i've always been a fan of RED phones...)

For more info on this sleek and chic Sony Ericsson piece, check out Sony Ericcson.

Alternatively, you can browse THINK Online (thanks a zillion to my dearest Azera for the introduction. I was hooked ever since!)

THINK is an online magazine that aims to tickle, touch and transfer life, hope and dreams. By exploring real issues with real answers, real inspiration and real results, THINK exists to challenge the status quo and speak out on contemporary and varied issues, filtering and dissecting the things that matter most to young adults. THINK is an online magazine that aims to tickle, touch and transfer life, hope and dreams. By exploring real issues with real answers, real inspiration and real results, THINK exists to challenge the status quo and speak out on contemporary and varied issues, filtering and dissecting the things that matter most to young adults.

Go ahead, Check the out here!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Nobody's Perfect, I'm Nobody. I'm Perfect

OK, lets do some math.

x = 3;
y = x;
. . y = 3.

so, there's a saying that goes: nobody IS perfect. but i'd like to say i'm nobody. and what does nobody makes me? PERFECT.

U dont believe me? Lets apply the above equation.

nobody = perfect;
I = nobody;
. . I = perfect. Woah!

So, when people admitting to you that they are really "nobody" and stressing it, they'd want you to know that they're perfect (and really mean it too!) ... I've heard people using this quotes many times.

Truth is, i'm just making the math and the saying more interesting. To make it sound more logical.

It is indeed logical, for math. But i believe that the sentences "Nobody's perfect" and "I'm nobody" can never be used together.You're saying you're nobody, and then you're saying nobody's perfect.what does that makes you? still a nobody.and nobody's perfect. so u're not perfect either.

'nuff said.

if only everything in life is as logical as math....

he's nobody, he's not perfect.