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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nightmare Revisited

As i recall the blog entry i posted on What's so Weird about me, the one thing that i haven't really found the courage to EVER strike off my Fear List, is this : The Chinese Lion Dance.

And yesterday, just as I finished my lunch at Suria, and was on my way to meet my sister (who was soo into Benefit that she has to pass lunch to get a make over and buy more make up), there was a huge drum bang. And I, who haven't failed to recognize what the drum bang means, grabbed Mimie's hand and tell her to be quick, "Mimie we need to get to Parkson quickly. i dont like the sound of this. They're near us!"

Yes, Them Lion Dance. 'Tong-Tong-Cheng'-ing somewhere really close to me. but finally i figured out their exact location, from where other mall visitors were looking. Two levels up, but this thing has legs, they'll definitely find their way down (2008, these lion dance must know how to go down the escalator) and finally to 'greet' me.

I dont know why i was so afraid of them. i know they're only human, in lion-like pants, but there is something about the lion's head... so furious looking, and their movement, they are very quick that i feel they're after me. Stupid reason, i know. I'd like to watch them on TV, i like their performance, jumping from one post to another, that is just awesome. but try to be in my shoes, u'll hate the fact that u're afraid of them too.

I did my very best to try to overcome my fear of them, by waiting for them to come down and walk my way. Who knew, this is my first encounter with them in 2008, maybe i had grown the courage to face them, after not seeing them in many months.

But i was unsuccessful. As the drumming drew near, my feet automatically made their move back into Parkson. I was hoping that my feet would stay for a while, you know, get that heart pumping real fast... but no. my feet refused.

We'll see how the next Chinese New Year turn out for me. Till we meet again, Lions.

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