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Monday, February 4, 2008

Nobody's Perfect, I'm Nobody. I'm Perfect

OK, lets do some math.

x = 3;
y = x;
. . y = 3.

so, there's a saying that goes: nobody IS perfect. but i'd like to say i'm nobody. and what does nobody makes me? PERFECT.

U dont believe me? Lets apply the above equation.

nobody = perfect;
I = nobody;
. . I = perfect. Woah!

So, when people admitting to you that they are really "nobody" and stressing it, they'd want you to know that they're perfect (and really mean it too!) ... I've heard people using this quotes many times.

Truth is, i'm just making the math and the saying more interesting. To make it sound more logical.

It is indeed logical, for math. But i believe that the sentences "Nobody's perfect" and "I'm nobody" can never be used together.You're saying you're nobody, and then you're saying nobody's perfect.what does that makes you? still a nobody.and nobody's perfect. so u're not perfect either.

'nuff said.

if only everything in life is as logical as math....

he's nobody, he's not perfect.

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