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Saturday, April 19, 2008

You're Due

No more excuses. My only excuse had no longer valid as an excuse anymore. I'll tell you why.

21/03/2008 - My brother's biggest moment. My one and only brother has become a complete man, to have wed his long time college sweetheart, and now in a journey towards marriage-hood (is that even a word?) .

I was nervous the whole time of the akad, for having feared that he would forget or mess up his recital. Who knows, even when he went through the recital so many times with Uyuun and Uyuun gave him a 4.00 points for excellently reciting the akad, there was a possibility that he might forget it. Especially in front of the English-Kelantanese-speaking-funny-garang-looking Tok Kadi. And guess what. HE DID.

Not on the recital part.The recital part was smooth. It's the part when Tok Kadi performed a spot-check on him. But whatever it is, I'm glad it when well... I'm so proud of him..

Babe was there with us too for Umair's Akad. Boy he did look nervous too. Maybe he knew instantly that his time is due. And that we are next in line. I'm not gonna lie about when and when. I get this all the time. It's just that I'm gonna have to think about giving other excuse, now that "Tunggu Umair Kahwin dulu" is no longer a valid excuse.

Meanwhile, check out how happy we are!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

2 Days of Freedom @ Admiral Marina, PD 9th May - 10th May

An event not to be missed by those who long for Tiesto to perform in Malaysia.

Freedom Festival presents 2 Days of Freedom @ Admiral Marina, PD 9th May - 10th May 2008. I got goosebumps the second I read the advanced warning on my weekly subscription of Juice Weekly.

The DJ line-ups are superb; Tiesto, playing on both nights, Ferry Corsten, on the 9th, and Cosmic Gate on the 10th,and the other 4 MOS Singapore DJs that I dont really bother, but it's worth to listen to. I am anticipated to wait for the day Tiesto blast his mind-blowing music in my ears. Having missed the World No.1 the last time he was in Sepang, this is definitely an event I will not give up.

I could not imagine a 2 day-event but to later find out it will be a 5pm-3am on each day, I think we Malaysian will do just fine. Just be sure to check yourself in one of those many hotels and apartments in PD to recharge. I have just confirmed my reservation for a 2-room apartment somewhere 3miles away from the event's venue.

I even got myself to register for discounted tickets at Freedom Festival '08.

To learn more of this GlobalGathering, find it all here at http://www.freedom-08.net/ and see for yourself what not to be missed during the event!

Go learn your best moves and show them all at Freedom Festival! See ya'll there!