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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

02 Days of Freedom Festival @ Admiral Marina PD

It's done. It's Over. The much awaited '2 Days of Freedom Festival' came last weekend, only to satisfy some, and upset some. I on the other hand, felt it was more like a dream come true, to have witness Tiësto with my very own pair of blurry eyes but sharp pair of ears.

Here's some recap:

We actually went to work on Friday. (8-5 no kidding). But waiting the day to reach 5pm was AGONIZING. I kept staring at my wrist watch, and that clock on the bottom-right corner of my desktop. Babe kept SMSing me counting down the hours. I just couldnt sit still.
By 7pm, we were already on our way from KL to PD. Traffic was pretty heavy. We got lost finding our hotel in PD. But we reached safely at 10++ (or earlier, but it didnt matter). we were ready to go near 11pm.
Oh yeah, Did anybody really get on the shuttle bus?

Coz we waited at our hotel (It's in the shuttle bus route) for more than 20 mins (Since the sign said to expect 20mins interval due to heavy traffic) but FUGG there was no bus! We took our car instead and parked at one Golf Club, it burned us 20bux. These people are really making profit!
Look! Tiësto's Balloon!

Alrite, Day 1: 11.45pm at the Entrance/Security Check.
Some friends who got in earlier told us no SWEETS/CHEWING GUM are allowed in. Of course, it was considered food. But i didnt expect that. But upon entry, i was granted the permission to bring in my hand full of sweets and gums in. mesti mau kawtim sama security lah!

Ferry Corsten was spinning at that time of the hour. 15mins countdown to midnite, before Tiësto's turn to spin and get the crowd go CRAAAZYYY...

12midnite's due, Corsten got off, LaserMan did his thing for about 5mins, and then that's when the (already) zombies started to shout, "TIESTO! TIESTO! TIESTO!". and then the prologue for "Element of Life" as the introduction to the World No.1 came in.. Dude, Tiësto is coming on stage!!!! My heart was pumping so fast, and then i saw Tiësto. The crowd went BERSERK..

Not gonna go into detail as I'm sure other Bloggers had expressed everything already.. Well my point is that, I had the same opinion as them on how Tiësto had redeemed himself of his World No. 1 standards. But, I somehow didnt feel that much of Tiësto's MAGIK on Day 1.. Maybe Tiësto wanted the Zombies to BEG for more. I wished on DAY 2, Tiësto would really make us go NUTS in head, and like Zombies we beg for more and more and more...

Lightings and visual effects were nasty, although I rate it as OK. In the Promo, the effects were claimed to be an Asia's debut, but I've really seen Tiësto's Effects that are much much much more crazier. But who cares, Asia's debut is in Malaysia.. others, envy us NOT.

Day 2 : Securities were definitely tight. I heard there was a surprise visit, by PD's 'somebody' on Friday. The newspaper report wasnt on our side either. As a result, the securities went through everyone's shoes, bags, wallets, ciggies to make sure no drugs were brought in.
üS2 on DAY 2

Jashar & Johann

We came in at 8.30pm. just to make sure we didnt miss Cosmic Gate that night. Crowd was packed. i got in a shorter q line for security check. i had to take everything out from my bag. and then the lady security had (politely) asked me; "May I body check you please?". She was nice enough to add 'May' and 'Please' when relating to a body check. I assumed it was gonna be "I'm going to perform a body check on you" or something that sounded more like an order instead of an option. Presuming it was an option, I was gonna say, "No, you may not body check me", and give her the cheekiest smile. Well if i do that i might be pulled to the side and had to be stripped search somewhere else for possible drug possession.

Instead, I nodded and said, "OK, sure", and her tiny hands went searching for God Knows what up and down, side to side of my body when she stopped at my pockets. My handphone, ciggies, and lighter had to be taken out too.

Quite a basket full of stuff. with my 4 lightsticks constantly flashing, (eager to start action, maybe), the security carefully checked everything. From sniffing my ciggies and unscrewing the batteries of my lightsticks (could he be thinking that I put stuff in there?) and giving up unscrewing it on the 2nd lightstick and asked me to put everything back in my bag. Yeay. I passed.

I was feeling the event heating up, that we had to go to RECHARGE FREEZER! to groove to some R&B remixes.. hehe.. Heck that was never us! Then we chowed down to TGIF's Cheeseburger and boogie to the MOS Singapore's DJ.

Cosmic Gate was killing us that day. With fast beat it got us pumping. And then there was that lightstick guy in yellow neon suit showing us his skill at the private cabana. Babe got in on video. Will upload once I got the video from him.
Robotmen during Cosmic Gate.

Wasnt really feeling them. Expected to see fast movement from them, instead of the Slo-Mo action. Like at UVNation when them Robots on stick shuffle to Benny Bennasi. Neah, that's a different story.
Robotmen in action (Note: cropped and zoomed for clearer image)

Cosmic Gate

It was during Cosmic Gate babe and I heard the bad news about a friend. Hope he's doing fine. But we continued the party, from meeting friends and hanging out with them to a whole new set of friends we made. I met a friendly girl, Mimi from UITM Shah Alam who danced with me during Tïësto but didnt get to save her phone number.


Tïësto was melting my heart that night. When it was almost 3a.m and Tïësto hit us with his last track, I was feeling really sad. Babe was there with me,and all I thought was, that the 2 days, I've been waiting for, to see and hear the World No. 1 in person, after sooo many years, had came true and definitely was a moment I will never forget in my whole entire life.

Tïësto was truly the reason all of us had fun that the 2 days, and he had united us all,with people from all walks of life came to see him. Indonesian, Singaporean, I bet all Asians and people from across the Globe were there, to celebrate the Element of Life, that Tïësto had introduced to us.

Tïësto's THE END skit, just when his time due. Was a sad moment for me =(

That night I had both great and sad feeling, great for having had to experience the 2 Days of Freedom, sad over some stuff that shouldnt even happened during our 2 days. All in all, it was a great experience. It was nice to see party-goers enjoying themselves minus the security thing part.

From the article they wrote in papers, wasnt what it should potray of our rave scene. These events that were organized in Malaysia, really put Malaysia on the map. No doubt Global Gathering will again make a stop in Malaysia on November 8th.

Block your calendar party people.

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