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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

GlobalGathering Malaysia

It's Official! the Date, and the latest Venue for Global Gathering 6 is out!

Saturday 8th November 2008, A'Famosa Resort Melaka, Malaysia! yeay!

But I hope it won't get muddy this time around. Or else we're gonna look like orang gila membajak sawah hehehehehe... Kudos to the mat salih who hentam saja lah splashing in the mud like we just don't care!

(But at the end of the day, mud is the least thing I cared about...)

Malaysia's the last stop for Global Gathering 2008. The only stop in Asia =)

Check out the Malaysian Flag on the 7th Picture!

This is also what I found out. From the website it says that the event is going to be at 4pm till 6am. I'm not certain about that. We'll just have to wait for further updates. Maybe the time is not official yet.. You dont believe me, check out image below:

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