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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Best Among the 10 Best Answers

I was just expressing to her my love for the exotic taste of Kaffir Leaves and Bunga Kantan.. I was really surprised that she picked me as the best of 10 best answers, in Yahoo! Answers.
In case if you don't know what is Yahoo! Answers, it's where people ask questions, and for those who knows, will answer it. at the end of the day, the asker will vote for the Best Answer, and the Question is resolved.

This was what Kylie Kwong asked:

"Which herbs and spices in Malaysia would you recommend me? Why?
What are some of the different spices and herbs that are used in your local cuisine? If I had to try two, what would they be and why would I find it the most memorable?"

And this is my answer:

"Hi Kylie,

In Malaysian Cuisine, you can find a lot of spices and herbs used.For example,in Malay Malaysian Cuisine, we use a lot of Turmeric, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime leaves, Wild Ginger Flower Buds, Ginger, Cinnamon Sticks and many more.

I like the Kaffir Lime Leaves for the fragrant smell, and the zesty taste. It tastes good in Tom Yum where the taste would linger in your mouth and it smells nice too.

The other would be, the Wild Ginger Flower Buds (locally called Bunga Kantan), It looks like a flower torch, and has an exotic taste and smell. These flower buds can be found adding aroma to our local Laksa dish.

I would recommend these two herbs & Spices for you to try when you visit Malaysia Kylie. Malaysia is multi cultural, you may also find herbs and spices used in our local Indian, Chinese, Nyonya dishes and many more! Be sure to try all and you'll definitely have a nice memory to remember Malaysia by."

She'd pick 10 best answers. But of course, one has to be the Best Answer among the 10 best answers.

And guess who is?

Mizz Muffet

This is taken from the Yahoo! Answer blog:

"29 of you replied with great answers but the best one went to Mizz Muffet. She suggested kaffir lime leaves and the bunga kantan. Rightly said, our laksa and rojak will never taste the same without it!

Here’s Kylie’s personal message to Mizz Muffet:

Dear Mizz Muffet, thank you so much for your wonderful advice! On my recent first trip to Kuala Lumpur I was absolutely inspired and dazzled by the fresh food markets you have, which offer all of the wonderful fresh spices and herbs you list above. I was amazed at the wonderful complexity of Malaysia cuisine in regards to flavour, texture and ingredient - and as you know, it is because of all these exotic, delicious, fragrant, aromatic, herbs and spices. I grew up on Cantonese fare which is rather neutrally flavoured and now, as an adult, I have a real liking for spicey, herbaceous food. I loved your country and I look forward to returning soon!"

For those who doesn't know, Yes I am a fan of the Discovery Travel & Living Channel.

Especially the cooking show by Kylie Kwong, Nigella, Jamie Oliver.

I love AFC too!

So, I am getting a My China Book by Kylie Kwong. It's worth flipping through, when it's Kylie Kwong's.

For further reading, visit the Yahoo! Answers Blog here

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