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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mizz Muffet on Turning 25

I am turning 25 in exactly 15 days.

Yes. I am half way through to reaching the ideal age to experience midlife crisis. Heck. I don't have to wait until I hit 50 to experience it. I am already beginning to feel it now.

Oh yes. Soon to be 25. It's at this time that I have dazed into thin air, rewinding the time to yesteryear, thinking deeply and questioned myself: What good have I done? What good have I achieved?

I have prepared a things to do list before, and here I am sharing the 25 things that I have done before I turn 25, randomly numbered.

1. Fall in Love - and be passionate about it ; with the same person for 10 years

2. Get a graduate degree - my Bsc Information Technology (Hons)

3. Be a volunteer - with SSPCA when I was in Kuching Sarawak

4. Achieve my ideal weight (yeah actually I have, but uhmm it skidded a lil bit now)

5. Love my body - Used to hate a few parts. Now I'm beginning to tolerate with them.

6. Take a walk in the park - with my boo.

7. Be more patient - it made me stronger.

8. Dance like no one is watching - many times at rave events.

9. Cry out of happiness - you'll be a happier person.

10. Planted a tree - it grew awesomely and is still alive.

11. Watched sunrise at the beach - Recall In Search of Sunrise Our Style

12. Go to Global Rave Events - Latest being the 2 days of Freedom, PD

13. Baked my own cupcakes - made about 50 and everyone thought it tasted good.

14. Let go of a grudge - Felt like a huge burden has fallen off my shoulder.

15. Write a blog and never fail to update it - and loving it too!

16. Be somebody's bestfriend. - I'm babe's best friend.

17. Overcome shyness - and still improving.

18. Live Simply - yeahh.. I am surrounded with beautiful people.

19. Learn how to take a compliment - and say thank you and really mean it.

20. Accept myself for who I am - I am a simple person, just simple is better.

21. Make new friends - and keeping them too.

22. Learn to use chop-sticks - it was a success and i am addicted to eating with chop-sticks

23. Crash a party - unintentionally

24. Impact a child's life. - Result can be seen in the form of Nurin Zahirah Husna.

25. Take a crazy trip with friends - To Cherating, in Search of Sunrise.

I have prepared the remaining 25 things, for me to do/achieve before I turn 50. I will have them posted here, God Willing, if I ever make it to 50.

Miss Muffet turns 25 on 25th July 2008. Oh yes, don't worry she has her birthday wish lined up already!


The Bride-to-be said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Bride-to-be said...

wow. been so long since i last read ur blog. i like your writings. =)

anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advanced Ushiii! take care & most importantly, may Allah bless you in whatever you do.. *hugs*

Ushna said...


Knits, I am turning 25, and you're getting married already!!!

The Bride-to-be, that's absolutely beautiful! I think I'm gonna kidnap your idea and have my own blog extention and babble about my wedding preparation as well (when it's due time, of course!)

Wishing you all the best embarking on a new journey as Mrs MFF.. =)