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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The all new "Shine"

I have fallen madly in love with Yahoo!'s latest edition,Shine. I am so addicted to it that ever since I discovered the link in Yahoo! homepage, there was never a day that passes by without my goodself browsing through its informational blog entries. Simply loved it!

I plan to post my own contribution too, but am still finding the right topic to blog about; that meets its theme - fashion, beauty, healthy living...even food! and whole lot more!

I pictured myself as Charlie just like when he found the golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory when I first stumbled upon this "Shining" extension. Looking at entries is like looking at instant answers to your everyday doubts on fashion, beauty and healthy living. Even your most intimate questions,(or questions that you always want to ask but too shy to voice it out) are answered in the form of a blog entry.

Even the rarest / oddest question is discussed here ( Are beards beautiful? - One dude really wants to know ; now that's really a rather odd question, if you ask me..) but it sure does clear the question mark,and of course the curiosity of a guy who really wants to know whether having beards are beautiful or, the other way round. (At least, it's answered base on women's point of view, but it doesn't really matter, right? After all, a man's appearance should be admired by a woman, no?)

Other articles/entries that had caught my attention during my previous visits

1.Why most soap is really disgusting (and a random brand that is divine) - Interested to know what's so divine about the other soap brand.
2.A pro's tips to perfect eyeliner - I put on eyeliner everyday. It's crucial to add and compare knowledge on this make-up subject.
3.The Brazilian: Now sorting out the hair on your head- Now the Brazilian beauty treatment isn't just about getting the Brazilian Wax (and the Ouch! factor).
4.Do Models Shave Their Faces? - Do they really?
5.Would you take an exercise pill? - This combination is definitely giving "Pill" and "Exercise" a whole new definition.
6.How Do You Discipline Your Toddler? - Handy tips as I have two toddlers at home (children of my sister's).
7.Parenting Poll: At what age do kids need cell phones? Or do they ever *really* need them? - Talk about the privileges kids get these days...
8.How do you know that it is time to look for a new job? - Definitely good for future use.
9.Do not underestimate the power of the sunflower - You won't after you've read this one.
10.Expensive things that look cheap and cheap things that look expensive: A meditation - Confused? Well so did I but not anymore when done reading it. $220 designer version of a plain wooden box? Talk about pure insanity Do we really have a buyer for this one?

10 would be enough. For now. I can continue listing all the entries that I enjoyed reading in Shine but I think but I'd rather not. Or else, I might end up making this entry as my longest entry ever for The Voice Within.

Mean while... let me brushen up my beauty/make up skills with the tips/advices given by the many contributor in Shine! ....

Oh well... a lady's got to do what a lady's got to do... Who's with me on this one? Go ahead, take a peek and be amazed at Shine

The Voice Within : It's babe's big 2-6 Birthday on Saturday the 16th. I am giving him 26 hugs and kisses when I wake him up from sleep in the morning...

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The Mrs-Bride said...

ushiii.. do update my blog link yah! hehehehe..

anyhow, i've got a pin-up for u at my blog.. nnt amik okeh! ;)