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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Caught on Mizz Muffet's W960i!

First of all, please please please accept my humble apology for the late entry update!

Yours truly has been really busy living life, working, and adjusting to her new W960i. =)

Hope it's not too late to wish my fellow friends Selamat Hari Raya and welcome back, hopefully it was a safe and wonderful journey. I on the other hand, was having a quick Hari Raya back at kampung and had made our trip back to Shah Alam on the very second day of Eid Mubarak.

I have a lot to write in here, from Wedding Wishes to my dear friend Anita Rohaida who got married on babe's 26th Birthday, and of course, Babe's lovely 26th Birthday, Abah's 56th Birthday on 26th August, my new W960i, observing Ramadhan, to celebrating Eid Mubarak, and the list goes on...

Speaking of my new W960i, with the 3mp lens, I had practiced my photography skills, to which I hope to be my new found passion other than jewelry making (watch out for my blog extension that showcases my jewelry creations together with my wee sister, Uyun).

While the other images I have captured require further editing before I can post it here, here are two images that I find rather hilarious, and surprisingly knowing where I found them.

Found this when buying birthday Cake for Yan's birthday celebration. See how Mango is spelled with a double G. Funny how a high rated Hotel can confuse this. Lucky they got Mousse spelt right, else it's going to sound like this "Manggo Mouse Cake". Yikes!

Found this one while lunching with Babe at Convex's Foodcourt. It's sad to see that such frequent visited place had overlooked the error in this very simple instruction.

See y'all again with more photographical post!

The Voice Within : Anita Dear, my apologies to have foolishly overlooked the new address to your lovely blog. To make it up to you, I have updated it with the new link!

1 comment:

The Mrs-Bride said...

hahaha.. it would sound nicer if u say "Anita Darling" in a very british-like accent.. hehehehehe.. anyhow, it's okay! n thanks for updating the link.. take care babe! :D