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Saturday, December 6, 2008

9 days more and counting!

I have 9 days more until I am officially Jashar Hamzah's fiancee.

Don't ask me about my feelings... I got butterflies down my stomach now and then, excited - definitely... Gosh. The days are coming, and I can hardly wait. I've been waiting for this moment for 10 years. 10 years full of memories, both sad and good memories.

A friend of mine has been asking me about my preparation. Write an entry on it, she said. She wanted to read all about it! But I can't. Firstly, I've been trying to keep it on the low - I am a sentimental person, like to keep some things to myself. Secondly, it isn't going to be a surprise! No fair, you'll know what I'll be giving to my guests when they come on the day!

OK. So I've decided to reveal some stuff here on the preparation, for Anita darling, since she's bringing over a very very special guest with her on my engagement ceremony... Say hello to the Mommy-to-be.

So I've got 9 Days left until the big day.

I've got the hantarans ready, - 7 trays from me, 5 from babe.
I love lilies so my flowers on that day will be pink and white lilies.
Even my cake has lilies on it too.

My outfit, is a Modern Kurung, and it'll be ready tomorrow. I can't wait to try it on... Hope I can fit in it though, the measurements took was sooo one month ago. Hope I didn't expand anywhere...

For my guests - my girls who are going to be there, I've got something special for them to bring home.
For Babe's guests - I've got something special for the ladies too.
For my guests - Something special too for the ladies.

My beautiful mother has taken care of the buffet, the decorations, and the guest list. While my beautiful dad has taken care of the master of ceremony, the guest list, and tents. Owh what will I do without them.. After one engagement and two weddings, they could never go wrong...

I've got some little things to take care of, that is to distribute the map to my house. We've just moved here almost 2 years ago, so some aren't really familiar of this area. Got the map ready, just need the emails to email them to my friends.

Guess that's about it. Will update again. Hope it'll turn out fine that day. I am not hoping for a big ceremony. Just a simple one and that all goes well...


Nadya said...

ticky tock tock

dear finally..soo soooo happy for you

insyaAllah everything will be superbly fine..u have all the experts maa..hehe

worry not..just be gorgeous on dat special day of urs!wish u all the best!=D

Ushna said...

Yeahh it's just around the corner! Saya seorang penakut.. huhuhu..

Still doing final checkings on stuff... sangat takut if ter miss out anything...heheheh..

Thanks Nadya for the well wishes..=)

The Mrs-Bride said...

babe, CONGRATS!!! can't wait for the day.. i dah siap2 inform Hubby byk2 kali that this 14th, it's ur engagement day! so WE MUST GO!! sampai dia x larat nak dgr.. hahahaha.. anyhow, u'll do great! just enjoy the moment while it last okeh.. take care & see u on Sunday!

ohh btw, my email.. anitaluv@gmail.com :)
i'll wait for the map.. thanks!

p.s. TQ too for the invitation, Aunty Ush! *from u-know-who.. haha! gerdixxx kan? :P*