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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Babe for The Voice Within

I have invited Babe, a.k.a Jashar, a.k.a my Fiance, to contribute his writting to The Voice Within.

We were IM-ing each other the other day, when Babe asked me,

Babe: Wat r u doin?
Me: I'm blogging.
Babe: Cool.


Babe: I'm bored..
Me: Mayb u can start writting. Pour ur heart content. u'll feel better.
Babe: Yeah, I guess I can try dat.
Me: Write in my Blog, for a start. C if u're a natural..

So there I was, granting Babe the access to write for The Voice Within.

"But wat shud I write about?"

"Anything! Just make sure u don't go overboard wit ur entry, dat's all..."

I have modified The Voice Within a bit, to welcome Babe in... To make him feel at home.. Hehe..

Babe hasn't contribute anything yet, but I am giving him time to think of an item to write about for his first ever entry.

Let's see if he likes what I like... ;p

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