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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Weekend to come

The voice within said:

I am awfully in a sleepy mode this pm.. Being infected with flu virus is making me very very unproductive for the day...

I am joining Babe and his family (otherwise known as my future extended family..) for a short vacation down South this Weekend.

I was quick to accept the invitation because I long for a weekend off from the big city... I am soo tired of getting stuck in jam (think MRR2, Jalan Tun Razak North bound and NKVE at Damansara to Subang Jaya stretch).

Althought it's just a short overnight stay, I am still considering this as a getaway, to get the feel of the sea side and enjoy the sandy beach.

I hope I don't get too tanned from soaking too much sun.. My dad would definitely scream at yours truly...

Friday, July 25, 2008

From 'Emotion Disorder' to the RM138 Ice-Cream Cake..., it's Happy Birthday to Mizz Muffet.

Yours truly just hit 25 at exactly 1030 hrs this morning today. While I detected early signs of midlife crisis last night, I also felt that entering the age of 25 on the 25th is rather symbolic.

On the eve of my birthday, I suffered minor emotion disorder. I am not certain if the term 'emotion disorder' actually exist, but that's the best set of words to describe what I went through last night. Lucky for me, Babe was there with me and for me, making sure I was OK, and stood by me all the way through. (I know it sounded like a battle for survival, but truth was, it was worse than that. Seriously.)

Never mind the sad part. Here comes the best part, and the most surprising part.

Babe wanted to cheer me up. But he knows best that nothing beats the goodness taste of ice-creams and chocolates when it comes to cheering me up. So Babe decided to take me out and spoil me with ice-creams.

But being the eve of my birthday, and it was an hour until 0000 hrs, Babe wanted to buy me a birthday cake as well. I politely decline, and said, "thanks Babe, just ice-creams would do,"

But it was Babe who craved for cakes. So he came decided that we get an ice-cream cake, a solution that would satisfy both our different cravings in an equal way.

So there we were, at Haagen Dazs near Lot10, peeking through the almost frosty door of refrigerator, and going through every cakes displayed. So I thought to myself, well this is not bad, although it comes in a small size, it looks very delicious, and the price is not bad for an ice-cream cake, it's only RM38... wait a minute. Pause. I blinked my eyes so hard to clear my vision, in case I couldn't see very clear through the frosty door. That's when I saw clearly, how much was the cake price-tagged. RM138.

So I turn to babe, and I said to him, "Babe, this is crazy. Can we just go for the ice-cream?,". Babe smiled. A very different smile. A smile that says more of "it's OK, we'll get the cake. I insist", rather than, "OK, ice-cream it is then,".

After many "Please Babe, can we just get the ice-creams", and "You're crazy, thanks but no thanks, you're crazy,", Babe still insisted that this is something he wants to do for me, and he doesn't mind paying bucks for the cake, because it's something we both love. After all, it's just a once-in-year splurge for a birthday cake, so it doesn't hurt his wallet a bit.

So I sat quietly and gazed into his eyes, and thought to myself, Oh dear God, this is totally a surprise. I'd never expected to gulp down an RM138 ice-cream cake, but Babe is right. It's my day today, so it's not wrong to splurge for something you love, and share it with the person you love. How wonderful.

So we bought a whole Double Chocolate ice-cream cake, have the staff to cut 3 pieces out of it, for Babe, Johann and myself to have in the cafe, and have the remaining cake portion packed for take-out.

If you ask me, the experience of eating an ice-cream cake with an unbelievable price-tagged is really worth it, considering the wonderful taste and texture of the ice-cream, how it melts in your mouth, and how fine and rich the chocolate was. We left for home right after the clock striked midnight.

Thanks Babe for the lovely and memorable experience. If I could document the whole ice-cream cake eating experience, it would definitely land a spot in one of those documentaries in Discovery's Travel & Living channel. I am thinking Ticket to Indulgence, or perhaps World's Best?

Our cake was packed with dry ice to keep it from melting through out our journey home. And at home, Johann turned the kitchen sink into a chemistry lab, experimenting on the dry ice that doesn't melt even though it was put under running water. Instead it produced thin smoke. It sure did look like a successful lab test. I wonder if the dry ice finally melted this morning.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Best Among the 10 Best Answers

I was just expressing to her my love for the exotic taste of Kaffir Leaves and Bunga Kantan.. I was really surprised that she picked me as the best of 10 best answers, in Yahoo! Answers.
In case if you don't know what is Yahoo! Answers, it's where people ask questions, and for those who knows, will answer it. at the end of the day, the asker will vote for the Best Answer, and the Question is resolved.

This was what Kylie Kwong asked:

"Which herbs and spices in Malaysia would you recommend me? Why?
What are some of the different spices and herbs that are used in your local cuisine? If I had to try two, what would they be and why would I find it the most memorable?"

And this is my answer:

"Hi Kylie,

In Malaysian Cuisine, you can find a lot of spices and herbs used.For example,in Malay Malaysian Cuisine, we use a lot of Turmeric, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime leaves, Wild Ginger Flower Buds, Ginger, Cinnamon Sticks and many more.

I like the Kaffir Lime Leaves for the fragrant smell, and the zesty taste. It tastes good in Tom Yum where the taste would linger in your mouth and it smells nice too.

The other would be, the Wild Ginger Flower Buds (locally called Bunga Kantan), It looks like a flower torch, and has an exotic taste and smell. These flower buds can be found adding aroma to our local Laksa dish.

I would recommend these two herbs & Spices for you to try when you visit Malaysia Kylie. Malaysia is multi cultural, you may also find herbs and spices used in our local Indian, Chinese, Nyonya dishes and many more! Be sure to try all and you'll definitely have a nice memory to remember Malaysia by."

She'd pick 10 best answers. But of course, one has to be the Best Answer among the 10 best answers.

And guess who is?

Mizz Muffet

This is taken from the Yahoo! Answer blog:

"29 of you replied with great answers but the best one went to Mizz Muffet. She suggested kaffir lime leaves and the bunga kantan. Rightly said, our laksa and rojak will never taste the same without it!

Here’s Kylie’s personal message to Mizz Muffet:

Dear Mizz Muffet, thank you so much for your wonderful advice! On my recent first trip to Kuala Lumpur I was absolutely inspired and dazzled by the fresh food markets you have, which offer all of the wonderful fresh spices and herbs you list above. I was amazed at the wonderful complexity of Malaysia cuisine in regards to flavour, texture and ingredient - and as you know, it is because of all these exotic, delicious, fragrant, aromatic, herbs and spices. I grew up on Cantonese fare which is rather neutrally flavoured and now, as an adult, I have a real liking for spicey, herbaceous food. I loved your country and I look forward to returning soon!"

For those who doesn't know, Yes I am a fan of the Discovery Travel & Living Channel.

Especially the cooking show by Kylie Kwong, Nigella, Jamie Oliver.

I love AFC too!

So, I am getting a My China Book by Kylie Kwong. It's worth flipping through, when it's Kylie Kwong's.

For further reading, visit the Yahoo! Answers Blog here

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mizz Muffet on Turning 25

I am turning 25 in exactly 15 days.

Yes. I am half way through to reaching the ideal age to experience midlife crisis. Heck. I don't have to wait until I hit 50 to experience it. I am already beginning to feel it now.

Oh yes. Soon to be 25. It's at this time that I have dazed into thin air, rewinding the time to yesteryear, thinking deeply and questioned myself: What good have I done? What good have I achieved?

I have prepared a things to do list before, and here I am sharing the 25 things that I have done before I turn 25, randomly numbered.

1. Fall in Love - and be passionate about it ; with the same person for 10 years

2. Get a graduate degree - my Bsc Information Technology (Hons)

3. Be a volunteer - with SSPCA when I was in Kuching Sarawak

4. Achieve my ideal weight (yeah actually I have, but uhmm it skidded a lil bit now)

5. Love my body - Used to hate a few parts. Now I'm beginning to tolerate with them.

6. Take a walk in the park - with my boo.

7. Be more patient - it made me stronger.

8. Dance like no one is watching - many times at rave events.

9. Cry out of happiness - you'll be a happier person.

10. Planted a tree - it grew awesomely and is still alive.

11. Watched sunrise at the beach - Recall In Search of Sunrise Our Style

12. Go to Global Rave Events - Latest being the 2 days of Freedom, PD

13. Baked my own cupcakes - made about 50 and everyone thought it tasted good.

14. Let go of a grudge - Felt like a huge burden has fallen off my shoulder.

15. Write a blog and never fail to update it - and loving it too!

16. Be somebody's bestfriend. - I'm babe's best friend.

17. Overcome shyness - and still improving.

18. Live Simply - yeahh.. I am surrounded with beautiful people.

19. Learn how to take a compliment - and say thank you and really mean it.

20. Accept myself for who I am - I am a simple person, just simple is better.

21. Make new friends - and keeping them too.

22. Learn to use chop-sticks - it was a success and i am addicted to eating with chop-sticks

23. Crash a party - unintentionally

24. Impact a child's life. - Result can be seen in the form of Nurin Zahirah Husna.

25. Take a crazy trip with friends - To Cherating, in Search of Sunrise.

I have prepared the remaining 25 things, for me to do/achieve before I turn 50. I will have them posted here, God Willing, if I ever make it to 50.

Miss Muffet turns 25 on 25th July 2008. Oh yes, don't worry she has her birthday wish lined up already!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Global pres. Paul van Dyk @ Zouk

When PvD is coming to town... IT'S ONE DAY AFTER MY BIRTHDAY!


Venue : Zouk Mainroom
Date : 26th July 2008
Time : 9pm onwards
Cover charge : RM60 (Ladies) / RM70 (Men) + 1 drink

Bila PvD datang mesti mahal babe kata, But it's better be worth it. You bet it's gonna be!

So, start saving up (for those who has to,) and block your calendar party people.

visit RED SESSIONS for more info, and register for the 100 free tickets!