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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 - A new year, a new beginning....

.. a new hope, and a new me (or rather, a new US!)

When the clock struck 0000hrs on January 1st, 2009, while standing at the balcony looking out at what I first thought was Genting Highland but actually it wasn't, - I said a silent prayer, wishing for a better year ahead, with my family and most importantly my future husband. Ameen.

We started the first day of the year travelling down South to Port Dickson. Our initial NYE celebration plan was supposed to be in PD but needed to be cancelled so we headed there anyway. PD's like our second home now that my MIL had taken up a position running a Resort there, so driving down to PD isn't really a problem. It's just 45 mins away from KL. We love love love the beach! Well not exactly Teluk Kemang's but more to the private beaches at MayangSari Resort (my MIL runs the resort now) and at Selesa Beach Resort (name says it all, very Selesa).

What was supposed to be a trip for 4 person - Babe, I, Syahlan and Balqis, 5, actually including Johann, turned out to be a trip for 9. It turned out our other 2 friends, Gafa and Erin had also planned for a drive to PD on 01/01. 2 of Johann's friend, Hamzi and Tiha tagged along too.

What a night. One night after another. Starting from the long nap we took at Mama's place (poor Balqis for having to put up with the snoring competition!) to Babe & Syahlan's mandi pantai to the girls talk I had with Balqis, to the Ayam Panggang cravings, to the late night beach walk and card playing. All done in the first day of 2009.

When we got home later that weekend, we managed to say our resolutions to each other. What we resolve to do this year... InshaAllah. If we have faith then we can never go wrong...

As we go into the 7th day of 2009, I have got mixed feeling the past few days... I felt sick reading about the Gaza Invasion, I am missing on my friends back in Scotland and am trying to locate them now, my days as a Bachelorette are due, and I am thinking of our wedding in December... aahh my brain has already reached December!!

Go slow, Ushna, go slow...

Take one day at a time - Zerr said this to me several years ago. I am always reminded by these words, and I constantly said these to Babe as well. True enough.

While I check my Resolution list so I can start on something, here's to share with you the Top Ten Resolutions Not to Make This Year (you may want to amend your Resolution list!)

Below is ten resolution that shouldn’t show up on any Cosmo girl’s list of do’s and don’ts for 2009.

By Zoe Ruderman

1. Quit your job and wait for a dream career opportunity to present itself. Recession shmecession.
Reality check: Suck it up and hang on to your gig for now. Appease yourself by taking a class or picking up a hobby that will make your résumé stand out, like learning a foreign language or starting a blog.

2. Lose five pounds.
Reality check: Hot chicks like Jessica Biel, Beyoncé, and ScarJo are proof that toned and curvy is the new skinny.

3. Finally win back your ex-boyfriend.
Reality check: Move on. We give you permission to engage in some rebound relationship therapy.

4. Buy into all the latest trends.
Reality check: It’s okay to be a slave to fashion...just be a slave to cheap fashion, rather than dropping serious bank on each and every look. Kick yourself later for wearing it, but don’t kick yourself for blowing your paycheck on it.

5. Change your man.
Reality check: While some relationship tweaking is to be expected (hey, few guys are natural-born good kissers), if the words “fixer-upper” and “project” could describe your boyfriend, it’s time to get real.

6. Triple the number of friends you have on Facebook.
Reality check: Less time stalking your friends’ friends’ friends. More time catching up with buddies you actually care about.

7. Don’t eat any junk food.
Reality check: Cutting out all unhealthy food from your diet will most likely lead to binge eating, followed by intense guilt, by mid-January.

8. Watch less trashy TV.
Reality check: Zoning out and de-stressing for a bit every night with the help of good bad television is harmless.

9. Save more money.
Reality check: Let’s be honest. In this economy, we’re just happy to be able to pay our rent, gas, and credit card bill.

10. Keep your number down.
Reality check: Nothin’ wrong with notches on your bedpost, as long as you’re being safe.

(I got hit right in the face for items No.2, 7, 8, and 9! Dangggg...)

Happy Birthday to Ms Nadya Alias a.k.a Mrs ShahrulAzman who just turned 27 on January 4th, 2009. Happy 2009 everyone!


Nadya said...

huhuhu..thanks lalink!

thanks for coming and the wonderful gift..

happy new year to u..andddd

happy get dizzy wat preparations..haha

if u need nething just holler aight


Ushna said...

You're most welcome, MRS Shahrulazman ( Sorry I am so addicted to the MRS title) It's funny when you try to associate "dizzy" with "happy"... but what the heck... if this "dizzy" is indeed "happy" sooo let's DO IT!!!! I am sooo happy counting down the days.. ;p