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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Come away with me

It's only January and I am already in desperate need of a getaway. Too much going on in the last 2008 that I didn't have time to plan a getaway with Babe. Well we did plan to go to one of the islands down South, but due to monsoon we just had to cancel the trip...
So 2009, it's time to unwind and we're hitting this place on Chinese New Year.

This is, Ladies and gentlemen, my true definition of a perfect getaway. Yes, spoken like a true beach lover. (Owh this by the way is an image of Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia that I Googled earlier.)

And yes, I am going to Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia to unwind (what hasn't been unwind from last year) or rather to escape from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur. This will be my second time to Langkawi, and having been there back in 2007, I am not hoping for a lot of changes though.

All I want to do is sink my toes in the warm sand, enjoy the cold evening breeze, dip my feet in the water... ahh.. Heavenly isn't it? Watch the waves crashing... and the sunset! I am taking it all in...

Unlike my sisters ( we're going in a group of 5 - Babe, myself, my two sisters Mimie and Uyuun, and Mimie's Boyfriend, Shaz) who also has some shopping agenda to do, I just want to do the things that I didn't get to do on our last trip. Two things. One is The Cable Car ride - it was foggy the last time so it's kind of a waste if you pay for the ride and couldn't see anything up there. Another, is dipping in the sea. I didn't get to do this the last time because I dare not leave our belongings at the beach just like that - there were so many people passing by our spot.

Okay okay. I do want to shop. I mean you're in a duty free island, and you refuse to shop? Chocolates wouldn't do any harm. Neither does the new perfume you've been eyeing at the counters. And the one you want to get for Babe as well. But Arcopals do and so do Pyrexs and Corelles. In case you don't know, Arcopal is a dinnerware, Corelle is a dishware and Pyrex is glassware and all these 3 'wares can be found very cheap in Langkawi. And indeed it went No.1 in Mimie's list of things to buy for Mama. Hehe...

Luckily we chose to fly with MAS, so I hope think excess baggage isn't going to be an issue. ( We had to pay for excess baggage the last time we flew in with Air Asia - all because the Chinaware we bought for Mama weight in 5KG.)

I haven't really prepared my shopping list - personally because I don't really want to shop unless I really can't help to resist the buying desire in any sort. Chocolates are a definite, though. No chocoholic would ever say no to chocolates!

The Breakfast Bar! We need to make another visit to The Breakfast Bar!!! I am thinking its delicious Pancakes.. yum yum!

I am boarding flight MH1440 to Langkawi on January 23rd,2009 at 1145hrs. Will tell you about my trip when I get back then. Meanwhile... let's see what other things in Langkawi that I had missed on my last trip?


The Mrs-Bride said...

ohh.. we soo want to visit Langkawi too! tp tatau biler.. been planning & planning.. at last tatau bile nak gi.. huhuhu! well, u have fun over there okeh! take care.. :)

p.s. we're thinking to go elsewhere for our 2nd BabyMoon.. any ideas? beaches sound great! :D

Ushna said...

Everything was impromptu. I told my sister mimie that I need to go for holiday this year, then she said, "Let's go to Langkawi". The next thing I know, we got dad to arrange our hotel rooms, booked our flight and ready to fly on CNY holiday!

You should go there, it's lovely! I'll give u some tips if u wanna go there one day. ;)

Other local beaches - PD's ok but don't go to public beaches go to the private ones - at Selesa Beach Resort / MayangSari Resort. Tioman's pretty too. Be sure to check the monsoon, tho.and Batu Feringgi, lovely!

But I still dream of Hawaii!!