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Saturday, January 10, 2009

My latest finds

My little sister Uyuun got home today for her 3 weeks break. It's been a tradition to chill in her room when she got home. It's the time to spill and tell stories of what had happened in the last few days to each other. Simpler word -Girls talk.

So I was full of expression telling her about this and that when I saw this Giant Black Ball on her desk.

"What the hell is that thing?",

"You don't know what that is? That's Magic 8-Ball lah,"

"Kau ada Magic 8-Ball? Interesting!".

So there I was, examining Uyuun's Magic 8-Ball and started to think of Yes or No questions to ask it. Just going to ask the Magic 8-Ball for the fun of it. I have no intention of believing its prediction what so ever. But I found the answers hilarious, seriously.

So here are my questions, following with Magic 8-Ball's answers in Yellow.

1.Am I going to be rich this year? - My sources say no.
2.Does Jashar really loves me? -
Without a doubt.
3.Am I going to lose weight soon? - Better not tell you now.
4.Are we going to have lots of kids? -
It is decidedly so.
5.Can I get clear skin? - Ask again later.
6.Am I pretty? -
Concentrate and ask again.
7.Are there any good movies on HBO today? - My reply is no.
8.Is Jashar's trip to Jakarta on? -
Very doubtful.
9.Is it going to rain in Langkawi? -
It is certain.
10.Am I going to eat a lot tonight? - Yes.

Seems like the Magic 8-Ball is being sarcastic with its answers to some of my questions. But it's fun to see the answer that appears on Magic 8-Ball. I still have a lot to ask it though... Maybe I can continue it later. :D

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