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Friday, February 6, 2009

I am Happy

What was once a dream, and was only limited to my mind had come through.

I was on a quest of finding my long lost friend, and now she is FOUND.

Thank Goodness for Facebook, thank Goodness for MSN.

I never thought I'd see Dominique again when we lost contact 15 years ago. So did she. I tried many ways, the Internet, MySpace, Friendster, and of course by going through my boxes of old mails but I didn't find her address. I was supposed to write to her and her my new address in KL, but I didn't. And that's when the chain broke.

But my memories of good times with her never fade.

I missed her so much I'd Google Earth Glasgow and see her house, and showed it to Babe every other time. Until I got this idea to search for her name in Facebook and of course, there were many Dominique Sweeneys so I just guessed and email the Dominique Sweeney that I know.

And she replied.

And she remembered me and that she's delighted I found her. She never thought she'd see me again. Catching up with her was fantastic! We have 15 years of catching up to do!

We told everyone we know about how we found each other and we just can't stop smiling!
And today, I saw her ID as online when I signed in to MSN this morning.

Yup D's online and Gosh it was wonderful to speak to her! She stayed up until 2.30am her Local time just to speak to me! I am overwhelmed!

D and I knew each other since we were 11. I just moved to Glasgow, Scotland and didn't know anyone else in school, and D became my friend, my best friend. She was sweet and nice. We'd go everywhere together!

I told D that I'm engaged and that I'm getting married. and guess what? She's the only extremely excited! She asked about my preparation and what's my wedding outfit's colour's going to be... and when I told her I haven't started anything yet, she was the one who's worried!

That's my D, always looking out for her friends. I promised her I'd come to visit. You never know... She might be down for my wedding!

Looking forward to speak to her soon! I amm sooo happy!

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