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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Will Soon Took the Handmade Pledge...

When I sew my own bag on Sunday!

What started as an overnight chat with Uyuun on how one can make a bag out of a pillow became a reality when I woke up very early Sunday morning and urge (as Uyuun puts it) Uyuun to come to IKEA with me to find fabrics so we can start sewing!

Boy, it's been long since I got myself busy with any craft project, and Uyuun's call really hyped me up that I couldn't wait to get started on cutting the fabrics when we got home! In case I haven't confess on this, YES I LOVE to sew! I LOVE my mom's Sewing Machine (although it's old, but is still good to use... I once broke the needle because I tried to sew my jeans LOL)

And so there were we, 2Costureras@WorkTM, chalking and trying to arrange the fabric so I can sew later on. Uyuun did most of the cutting, because it's a thick fabric, and I'm a lefty so it's kind of a hassle trying to cut in a straight line. I did all the sewing because apparently I am the only one who's good at sewing with machine LOL.

It took us 5 hours to get the bag done, because we need to move around a lil bit. The chalking and cutting was done in Uyuun's Room. Ironing was at the corner in front of my Room, and sewing in Mama's Private Living Room.

But the Outcome was fantastic. I absolutely love it. I don't have a picture of it, but if you want to see how it looks like, you may do so here,at Uyuun's blog.

This is our first project, more to come. Been eyeing that Charlie Bag, maybe I can start doing it later this weekend. Maybe I can start a business on this one day.

Watch out for my blog extension 2Costureras@WorkTM where I will showcase all my bag creations CosturerasTM, and we'll definitely take orders!


**UPDATE** I managed to transfer the images from our bag today. Here they are, what do you think? :D (Pictures not so perfect)


nanayau said...

nak!!! :D

Ushna said...

Sure! I'll post it to you yeahh bila siapp hahhhh!