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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Day Has Come!

...For you to cast in your votes, and vote for PLANET EARTH!

It's 4 hours away on my local GMT to Earth Hour. I can't wait to count the stars tonight. The stars must be very bright when it's dark....

...provided it doesn't rain tonight. Well, it sure seems like it...

It's OK. Just eager to see Kuala Lumpur's skyline when the lights go out at 8.30pm tonight...

Hope everyone is in with this inniative...

I know I am... and I hope I am contributing a lot...

It's been hot this evening... another terrible sign of air polution and of course, Global Warming...

Get your fingers ready to turn off the light switches tonight at 8.30pm.

The Earth is counting on you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

8.30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. 28th March 2009

60 earth hour. Let's help to make this happen.

All you have to do is - the simplest thing ever - to turn off your lights. For 1 hour. You never know how much it can make a difference.

I am in full support of the Earth Hour 2009 Initiative. I was aware of this last year, but I only managed to participate for 1/2 hour, because when it came, I didn't realise it, because I didn't set my reminder. But this year, I am all geared up to participate, I have set my reminder so that this time, I will be ready in time to turn off the lights when the clock strikes the 2030hours.

You can participate too by signing up at the Earth Hour Main Page and also Malaysia's very own Earth Hour Page, where you can also vote which buildings in Malaysia that you think should have their lights turned off in support of Earth Hour. While The Earth Hour Main Page is targeting 1 billion sign ups this year, Malaysia on the other hand is targeting 5 million sign ups so please please please please my dear Malaysian friends,and friends from the rest of the world, sign up and show your support!

Our planet Earth is crying for help against Global Warming, and I think this is the least you can do. Staying in the dark for 1 hour, wouldn't do you any harm, would it? But if you can't, maybe you can just turn off the outdoor lights and leave the lights inside your house on to show your support. :)

The Voice Within Says: I voted for KLCC and also Penang Bridge to have lights turned off for Earth Hour :) . But just so you know, we at the twin towers do conserve energy. We have our lights automatically turned off during lunch hour and also after 5.30 PM (only dimmed lights are left on), and those who wants to stay back will have to request for lights to be turned on.