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Monday, May 18, 2009

She's back from Outer Space


I am back online from my weeks long hibernation. Loved it. Will go for more.
Some snippets on what have been going on in the life of yours truly:

1. Took the time out from our usual in-KL activity and went to Malacca for the weekend. Mainly the trip was Abah's idea, as he needed a golfing getaway. And since his future SIL (read: my fiance :D) is a golfer himself, Abah is so happy that he has an instant Golfer Friend to hit the green with him anytime. Joined by Mimie's boyfriend Shaz, the three went golfing happily while the rest of us - the non-golfers, went to the Safari and enjoyed a group of Elephants dancing and wooing us with a "hand" stand. Later that afternoon we went for a seafood feast at Umbai. Gosh I've never consumed Seafood that much.

2. Jashar Hamzah a.k.a the love of my life, and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary on the recent 28th April. Couldn't be more happier! It's been blissful!

3. I drove to PD later that weekend for more getaway. I just wanted to be at the beach with Jashar.

4. I learned a new Labah-labah song from Naufal. It's the same Incy Wincy Spider song, only that the three year-old changed the lyric a lil bit to "Labba labba leyli, pigi pajat pewigi".

5. Went to get some stuff for my Wedding. Loved it.

6. Naufal tried to understand the "F language" by copying the words when we converse in it but to no luck. But I bet he's going to understand some words in F language soon.

7. My prayers to a dear friend. Nadya, be strong.

8. I need to start some fat burning activities. Not being able to squeeze in my skinny jeans is a horrid experience.

9. I am so hooked up on sewing. My inspiration? Miss Novita Estiti from Sew I do. This lady is fantastic! She works wonders! She makes me want to knit again! Love her!

10. I am finally going for Kursus Kahwin with Jashar this weekend.

11. I really missed some friends. Both old and new. Azera, Azura, Suya to name a few. And Balqis, I hope you'll come with us to Malacca next week.

12. I am so hooked up on Rock Legends!. I am at level 34 now and really feeling like a Rockstar.

13. I am 6 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days away to being Mrs Jashar Hamzah so allow me to once again, for the I-dont-know-how-many-th time, get down and do the chicken dance!

Back to square one. Bila nak kurus ni! Nak kena tempah baju dah! Adoiii!


sUYA said...

You go girl!!!

Nadya said...

thanks ushi..im ok now..=)

Ushna said...

Nadya, Alhamdullilah, good to hear. Take care yeah!

Suya, Thanks! Hahahaha Hard work ni! LOL