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Monday, June 29, 2009

So this is Goodbye

I went through the hardest Friday night when the two most adorable people in my life, had left me, had left us actually, when they were moved out from our residence to reunite with the side of the family. I had sleepless nights ever since. The house was quiet, and lifeless... maybe we're used to having little children screaming and playing around, with giggles that would eventually turned into tears... Sometimes I still want to think there are children in the house that I'd ended up thinking I've heard their cries, or when they'd scream. But truth is, they are not there anymore.

Last Friday night, my dearest niece, Nurin Zahirah Husna and my dearest nephew Muhammad Zahirul Naufal (Along, pardon me if I spelled their names wrongly), were moved to Terengganu by their father, to pursue their schooling there. Although I'd like to think it is not a smart move, it all came back to this question - who are we to stop? I decline to elaborate more on this part.

For the past two years or so, all the while when Nurin and Naufal were with us, the house was alive and full of excitement. Yes indeed. When life or luck was not on my side, or even just a bad day at work, I'd just have to look at their happy and cheeky faces, and that was enough to turn the frown on my face upside down. And when troubles came with no sign of stopping, or when I was in a bad argument with anybody that had me in tears, I'd just sit quietly in my room waiting for that familiar knock or bang on my door. And when it happened, I'd just open the door, and there he was asking me, "Auntie Alang, nape Auntie Alang nangis?” Those words are enough to make any grown ups stop crying. Well, it had always worked like a charm for me. And that is all I need.

It excites me every time I watch them play with each other. It excites me watching them watch Incy Wincy and Upin & Ipin or anything that falls under "children songs" on YouTube. I laughed when Naufal said funny things, made cute remarks, or when he's trying to play grown ups. Owh don't forget the adrenaline rush he gave me every time he cycled around the corner in full speed. (Think a medium-sized bicycle with add-on wheels, taking a small corner that leads to a narrow alley between the sofa and the wall, in full speed. Yes, he cycles indoor and his route is Living Room1-Living Room2-Family Area-Dining Room-Kitchen, back and forth.) While for Kakak, it fascinates me to see how Nurin has evolved, how smart she is now, and how bright she is. Sometimes I forgot the fact that she is only turning 5 this year. She likes to sit with me most of time, except that when she whines, she only wants her Mama. Otherwise, she follows me around like my shadow.

When it came to me that I no longer will get to play with them at home, regrets started to cloud me - for the times when I didn't play with them enough, or attend to their YouTube request. So on their last days with us, I committed to their YouTube demands, let them follow me into my room, piggy-backed them everywhere, sang Satu labah-labah, I love you, and Barney song with all my heart with them, make silly faces with them, and yet those weren't enough. Things will never be the same. Nurin will never play and wait in my room while I shower anymore. Naufal will never tip-toe with me to my room anymore. Nurin and I will never get to hide from Naufal anymore. Uncle Jasha won't get to speak with Naufal over the phone anymore, let alone to come over and play skateboard with him.

When the time to say Good Bye finally came, I had forced myself to be strong and just get on with it. But I found myself holding back tears, and the minute they were out of sight, I choked. Good bye is the hardest thing to say... In fact, I never did like to say it. I’d like to think positive about Good Byes though, and I’d like to take it as “See you later” instead. But not this one, even see you later in not a certain thing, yet…

Naufal turns 3 today. I am not sure if he remembers the airplane Opah promised to buy for him. We are supposed to have a celebration. I just could tell. It’s been a tradition. I saw a Spiderman suit yesterday while I was out with Babe. Naufal will definitely look cute in it. Maybe I should buy this for his Birthday.

I know it isn’t a good thing to weep over something for long. But I’d just want to remain like this. And I know time will heal. I understand this is a very hard decision one has to make, and I’d like to offer my full support, although I feel that the decision is made on an impulse.

So it’s See You Later rather than Good Bye. To my dearest Naufal, Happy Birthday, Auntie Alang miss you so much. Nanti balik rumah Opah kita tengok lagu Labah-Labah k. L .Yup. That’s what I am going to do - to watch Incy Wincy on YouTube tonight and sing with all my heart. To everyone around me, please sing with me if you want, but if you don’t, sorry for having to put up with my singing. Owh well, at least the little ones find it entertaining.

I am “rummaging” through my playlist to see if I still have my MJ songs collection and put them on loop in my mp3 player as a way to pay my tribute for his passing. I grew up listening to his songs, and I adore him a lot. It is devastating to see such icon left us but God loves him more.

You just don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The IT Crowd

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I was at Babe's Monday night watching some Monday Night Laughs on Star World when I saw this all new Series- The IT Crowd.

Now I am an IT Crowd as well, and I some sort felt I was connected to this Crowd. Except that my office is not at the store-like basement, and no we do not go to work dressed so casually like them. I have a much nicer workstation with a nice view of the city. Also, mind you, my boss is nothing like the one in The IT Crowd.

"That's your Crowd", Babe said, and I couldn't agree more. LOL. And it's really hilarious (insert Nerdy smile). There was a resemblance indeed. From the telephone calls to the troubleshooting...Now wait. I don't fix computers. Or check your mouse when you claim "it isn't working". That's not my job. We have a different set of team who'd take care of that, while I, my team and I, we troubleshoot problems in regards to the application that we support- from the connection to the database to the licensing and all. The applications under me are mostly Oracle-based so there is a fair chance that I am up for Oracle trainings this FY. (Yeayyy!!)

My users aren't that difficult, considering the fact that they know what sort of information to give me when they require my assistance. Just the new users though, who has just started to use the applications or who has just joined the company. Maybe it's only natural for us, the service providers to have to guide our users, step-by-step, so I just need to be patient when I have to repeat the steps over and over again when my user doesn't get or "see" my instruction.

As most of the users who call in are my regular users, troubleshooting their problem was a breeze because they'd just straight away tell me the problem, so I'd know where to check. Some doesn't even have a clue of the problem, so I've to check every aspects and find the source. It's tough sometimes, meeting with KPI and all, so I really need to put my back into it and solve a.s.a.p. It's a good way to practice my skills, and my expertise, and so far, I managed to solve the problems in time.

And at the end of the day, when all is done and back to normal, Thank you emails that appreciate your work start to flow in. I have a special folder where I keep all my Thank yous emails from my users.
"Thank you so much! You're a rockstar!" One email read. "Thanks yeah Ushna! You're awesome!", another read. "TQVM for your prompt action. I am able to log in to *** now." and "Noted with thanks", are the common ones.

After a hard day at work, it's really nice to read the emails and be proud of what I can provide, and that's a really good job.