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Thursday, November 19, 2009

It is only 2 weeks and 2 days until...

...I legally, officially, and finally join the great Wife Club and become, the Mrs Jashar Hamzah.

I love that name. And of course I love the title. It's the beginning of a new phase in our life. Two become ONE.

11 months and 5 months down since we got engaged last year, and with only 2 weeks and 2 days to go, I am happy with how far I have come with the preparation. Truth be told, it isn't easy planning a wedding. I have to admit that without the guidance and help from family, dear friends who have gone through this period (way before me), and of course the ideas from dear "Bachelorette" friends, I couldn't have come this far. Seriously. Preparing a wedding requires full concentration, and making sure that everything is perfect. I have to be careful with the little things, and believe me, every little thing counts. There's no perkara remeh when we talk about Wedding.

Although it is advisable to
start booking and planning way early to avoid any hiccups in the end, I on the other hand, had without feeling any fear or guilt, started these two things 3 months ago.
I hope no other bride-to-be out there practices this. I'd say it is risky. Yes there are many channels out there for wedding needs, but there is no guarantee that you will get services from the best wedding needs suppliers. I experienced being turned down myself - many of which the services that they can provide is to die for. Yes, it is a disappointment, but Thank God I have found the best service providers whom I put full trust in making my wedding the way I have always dream of.

3 months ago when we started to survey, I had a long ponder as to why on earth would somebody who is only to get married in March 2010 had booked, paid the deposit to block the date, and confirmed her selection. In my mind I thought:

1. When did they even start the planning?
2. What if they would like to change their mind and choose the other providers?
3. What if they, in the end do not get married to each other at all?

For Questions 1 and 2, I came to think about that if you are really sure that you would like to get the best services from the best providers, it is mandatory to book and block their schedules on your date, the earliest you possibly can, to avoid any clashes which will eventually leads to frustration. I am speaking through experience, and also from Wedding guide books (which I failed to follow every steps described) which I never fail to buy.

For Question 3, it is a little inappropriate to even think about that. Pardon me.

It was too late when all these became clear to me. Not because I am too dumb to not think about it all, but because I always think it is too early to be starting anything, and delayed the booking.
Another was because I had a hard time deciding which and which, whom and whom. That's when advices, testimonials, comments, and your own judgments came in handy.

I personally think that it is not a problem if one provider turns you down, as they will be another who can provide the same. I am happy to share who my final service providers are, do feel free to contact me personally if you wish to know more.

Many of my friends had asked me this same question, " How's the preparation coming? ".
My answer to this has always been , "Alhamdullilah, it's getting there". (insert smiley face)
Some said it sounded fishy, some even said I am being cruel for not sharing every details. To me, I'd like it to be a surprise. It is going to be extra-ordinary and definitely not the typical Malay Wedding. I opted to be different from the normal practice, and to make it real I only reveal a few things.

So here are the few things:

Basic Wedding Needs
1.Theme -It is to honor the roots of my ancestors.
2.Color -My favorite color, which is also the color for my zodiac.
3.Venue-Home, it is where I have always wanted my wedding to be.
4.Pelamin-Discussed and loving the ideas, waiting for the setup 4 days prior to the reception.
5.Deco -Discussed, and it is the work of the same person who does the pelamin.
6.Goodie bags-Solely my wonderful mother's idea, with a touch of my creativity.
7.Bunga Telur/ Pahar - Solely the creative touch of my Wonderful mother, with a little of my help.
8.Souvenirs on VIP tables-Again, no other than the creative touch of my Wonderful mother.
9.Caterer- Same as on my engagement.
10.Menu - Picked out and tested. Caterer's a family too.
11.Tents - Provider's a family. Never failed to satisfy our needs.
12.Band - My dad's contact from PETRONAS. Songs selection finalized. Hope they'll be able to deliver.
13.MC- Mr. Mike. :)
14. Photographer - Someone who happens to be my brother's friend.

My Wedding Needs:
1. Nikah's outfit - Fitting has yet to be done.
2.Nikah Shoes - Saw a nice one at Nine West, but they don't have my size in KLCC. To hunt at Pavillion.
3.Nikah Tudung - To arrange with Zaza.
4. Inai - I am having second thoughts whether to get the fancy henna or just a simple henna on my nails.
5.Make up- Somebody I have faith in. He does wonders.
6.Reception's outfit - Booked.
2.Nikah Shoes - Eyed at Nine West.
3.Make up- It is the same person who does for my Nikah.
4.Veil - The work of Zaza the Beadmaster.

Basically this is it so far. The list is for the Akad and Reception at my house only, as the Bertandang is a month away. I will reveal the actual service provider after the whole reception concluded, InshaAllah.

Getting back to the list, I am thankful to have a mother who is so wonderful. She does wonders to everything she touches. I swear to God if she opens up a Bridal Boutique, she'll pull through. Aah..What better way to ease a worry heart. Mama, I can't thank you enough. I love love love you!

So there you have it on my updates so far. Owh Dear God, please make the butterflies in my stomach go away. They are annoying.

That's it for now. My dear friends, if you have received my card, I'd love to see you come to share my joy.

Owh Yes, you have no idea how happy I am. This is my dream coming through, this is what we've always think about. Pray the best for the both of us. Love, Ushna and Jashar.


Azera Mokhtar said...

im so happy for u :)

Nadya said...

woohoooo..c ya there!=D

p/s-no baju yet!*panicky*

Ushna said...

my dearest Azera- this post is FOR YOU. i'm sory for being 'away' for so long.u know i didnt mean to.thank you so much.hope to c u on my day...i may be a wife soon but how i am with you will never ever ever change... i love love you!!

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

awwwwww.... can't wait to see u this Sat! we'll be there.. and this time, it's the 3 of us! hikk.. enjoy ur single moments though.. ;) take care! don't stress out urself dah dekat2 nak nikah ni tau.. hugsss! :D