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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And So She Has A Ticker!

Notice the Ticker up there? GOOD!

My own countdown to our Solemnization - Jashar and I, had gone off-track a few times, sometimes with a day short, and sometimes with an extra day. ( My Facebook page witnessed it not too long ago, when yours truly, at her very best, tried to countdown to her Engagement Day).

And now, as to NOT miscalculate or miss any days out for the countdown, and that I should already be READY with a countdown, I opted for a trustworthy countdown tool, from the World Wide Web of course, Daisypath! ( I did survey other Tickers but Daisypath won my heart *wink*)

When Nadya had her ticker up her page for her wedding countdown, and now has a baby ticker already, I went "Awwwww".
When Hot Mama Knits (:D) had her baby ticker up her page, that's another "Awwwwwww".
When I FINALLY have my Ticker up on my page for MY wedding Countdown, I went

"OH MY GOD! ^&^#%#!!! It's freaking coming already! 7 months? 7 months! Wedding's in 7 months!"

It is an official 7 months, 3 weeks, and 6 days until Jashar and I tie the knot.

To my lovely ladies Nadya and Knits (the HOT MAMAs to be :D), who had gone through this before, I am proud and happy to tell both of you that now it is my turn to get down and do the CHICKEN DANCE a.k.a lari setempat a.k.a lompat setempat!

Yes. Laugh as you may.

Monday, April 6, 2009

There's a road going down the other side of this hill

The voices in my head always tell me these things;

  • There are many empty spaces to be filled.
  • There are friends who are dear to you that you need to catch up on.
  • There are hearts to be reached.
  • There are so many life requests to be fulfilled.
  • There is a wedding to prepare - and it isn't anyone else's but your own.
  • There are other things that evolve after the 8-5pm and these things are not just about the feel good times that you think you enjoy a lot.
  • There are bonds that you need to work on.
  • There are skills to be brushed.
  • There is a future ahead that you need to start thinking of.
  • You think you are invincible. You want to think you are invincible.
  • You know you can't stand these things anymore.
  • You know you need to run away.You know you need to get out.
  • You know you want to leave them all behind. But you can't, because you're in THE comfort zone...or so you think.
  • But you are in control. You know what's holding you back and you know you can fight them.

I have a control on this. I know what's holding me back and I know I can fight them. But it was not easy, and that had left me living in total ignorance and denial.

Self-denial. Self-discipline. I need these.I am in serious need of these. A lot, please.

I need them just in time before reality hit me hard on the face, giving me a sweet taste of the real things -the real things that I tend to ignore, the small things that I have forgotten, the big things that I look up upon and in the end do not do me any good.

There are things that I need to slow down on. There are things that I need to stop doing entirely.

There are things that I need to start focusing on... and I need to start it immediately.

There are things in the list that I need to work on, and I'b be sorry if I don't start it now.

My fiance always tells me that I am no Robot, so there is no need to act like one. He is right. And coming back to my senses, there are things that I need to remember - I am not invincible, we're only people.

And I told myself this today;

Finding a paradise isn't easy... but still, there's a road going down the other side of this hill. All I have to do is work my way to other side...

And just one word to stick to - SELF-DENIAL. For real.