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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tribute to a dear uncle - the final goodbye

and i thought he was getting better. i prayed he had gotten better.

but neither happened, for the Al-Mighty God had better plan for him, and brought him to a better place.

last wednesday, may the 5th, near 23oo hours, my dear uncle, Ahmad Adlan Saaidin, had left all of us to meet god al-mighty. he had slipped into coma after two weeks he was admitted to ijn for serious heart condition. the doctors had failed to revive him. he was 64 years old, and was survived by a wife, two children, daughter-and-son-in-law, and six grandchildren. he was my mother's eldest brother.

the news of his passing was sudden, it never occurred to me at all that he will leave us this soon. but again, who am i to deny what has been written by god in each of our book of life.

yes i have regrets. i regretted not being able to visit him much during his days in the ward, i regretted not being able to speak to him much during his days, and i regretted not being able to pay my last respect during his funeral. but my regrets are slowly vanishing, for i have come to terms that this is his time, and that to make me feel better all i have to do is recite Al-Fatihah and Yassin for him.

all i have now are the memories of him. from childhood memories until his last days. he was a man with a lot of jokes. he never showed his pain to us, in fact he joked about it. i remembered on the first day jay and i visited him at ijn, as we walked in his room and shook his hand, he said, "duduk kat sini, rasa macam raja".

and a lot more remarks.

"tau tak paklong dah tak mandi berapa lama? 2 bulan tau!".

"dah ada abang baru ya", he responded, followed by a wide grin on his face, as i introduce jay to him. he was not able to come to my wedding.

and the one thing he said that i will never ever forget, was these words.

"jaga mama kamu baik - baik".

the three days of tahlil was over by saturday, i managed to attend two tahlils. i am glad that we managed to come, and recite doa for him- he is going to a better place, the better place where my other late uncle Muhammad Khairi Saaidin and my niece Ainnur Batrisya Mohd Umair had gone to earlier last year. and what way can i communicate with them other than to recite
Yasin and Al-Fatihah, as my gift to them. again, may my prayers and doas make their way to them.

Al - Fatihah to my dearest Pak Long. You are always in our heart.

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