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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Anybody watched The Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging yet? It was on ASTRO last Sunday. i can't seem to remember which channel it was on though, because i was hooked on the movie the instant i saw it when flipping through the channels.

loved it. can't get enough of it. definitely the kind of which my husband will not watch with me. at the movies, that is.

i was like a die-hard fan though i only watched it once. i felt like a teenager all over again. getting excited over an upcoming bash, drooling over the lad Georgia's been dating who happens to be in The Stiff Dylans band (in the movie, but not in the real band), getting together with friends and doing crazy nasty stuff. i pictured if i had stayed longer in the UK, i might as well have gone through the whole thing, UK style.

fancy story line, yes. hip secondary school lass, yes. hot lad to play the boyfriend, yes. great soundtrack, yes. so you can't blame me for feeling like a teenager. and yes, The Stiff Dylans is hot! i just had to download their songs. had to, had to.

so there, my very very very loyal friend, the one who never failed to satisfy my random yet frequent curiosity of any sort, the one and only mr. google, had again gratified me with everything i could possibly need, from soundtracks, official websites, casts profile and gossips. which shocked me at first, but after a while, i thought owh well what the fish, some things are meant to happen. so this must be one of it.

so i got almost all of the songs from The Stiff Dylans and other for the soundtracks downloaded on to my (husband's) ipod. yummy. i got my husband confused with my songs selection this time. he never knew i would like bands. i do, actually. but only on the conditions that the songs are singable, and the band members are cute. or at least the lead or guitarist, like The Stiff Dylans and Tokio Hotel. in this movie, the guitarist is not played by the real guitarist in the band (i am not sure if the rest in the band are actors too) but played by Aaron Johnson. yes he is a sweetheart and adorable. he's gorgeous. in case his name doesn't ring a bell, check out Kick Ass. he plays the lead. so i was drooling over his cute baby-ish face that mr. google found for me until i saw in his imdb profile that he had announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Sam Taylor-Wood. i thought so okay, he's taken. he just turned 20, and he's getting married. so let's see who's the fiancee...a click on the Sam Taylor-Wood link in his imdb profile, and the next thing i knew she's 43 and is now pregnant with their first child. before, i was always on the negative side of the views for this type of relationship. think edward furlong. he was one cute lad from the Terminator and he too was in a relationship with (much) older woman.

but now i am optimistic and i don't see anything wrong with it. it may not be something pleasant to see or that made any sense to some people but hey. so maybe he found true love in her, we can't blame him for feeling happy, right? (and yes my views relate to woman-man relationship only.) besides he said he has an old soul (cute face, old soul, definitely a keeper!) , and she has a young soul so they're perfect for each other.

so please do me a favor and check out the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. to my lovely malaysian you may still catch it on ASTRO - which channel i am not sure but definitely between HBO, Star Movies and Cinemax. and please help to prove that i am not loco! or for this matter, it is okay to be loco.

and check out The Stiff Dylans too! I liked them on Facebook already. (insert teenage smile)

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