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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 is the year

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i failed to update anything in the last few months.
i know. i suck at updating.

with 4 days left before we wrap up 2010 and say hello to 2011, i feel the need to write some last notes before 2010 ends.

we celebrated our first anniversary last dec the 4th. 1 year down, a lifetime to come. we're happy where we are.. :)

i was on 5days leave last week to gather with family, and to just laze around with jay. heaven on earth. i practically had to drag my feet to work yesterday. i'm working for 4 days this week before going for leave again on new year's eve.

i haven't plan much for 2010. i just sort of went with the flow. i was more focusing on brushing up skills, focusing on my marriage, perfecting this and that.

and now i am more inspired than ever to begin 2011. it all started after i met Liz Gilbert in eat pray love.

i know i was late at watching it. if only i have seen it earlier. or read the paperback version earlier for that matter. if i did perhaps back then when i was single i would leave home to soul-search.

now married, i still feel inspired by her. not to go soul-searching, but rather to embrace what i have around me because by now, i feel i have found what i have been longing for.

i have big plans for 2011. really. it's those things that i have kept pending for a long time now.
i feel 2011 is the time. and come jan 01, i will bear them all.

while i pray and dream big things to happen in 2011, i wish all of you the same, may 2011 be more beautiful and wonderful.

Happy 2011 everyone.

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