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Sunday, March 28, 2010

painted the night black for earth hour 2010

how did everyone's Earth Hour go last night?

the sky was definitely bright (and red) last night for sure. i loved it. owh i just stayed home during earth hour. decided to stay home instead when others may hit the town to watch the lights go off at the twin towers and the kl tower. we had dinner in semi darkness and chilled outside. i was not really keen to stay outside for long when it gets dark. the mosquitoes seem to be thirsty for the blood running in my veins. mine only. other members of the family do not experience the mosquitoes attacks as much as i do.

but last night, for the first time ever, i did not get bitten. at all. the mosquitoes must have understood my cause for staying out.

my little brother in law johann was right about how tranquilizing it is chilling outside at night. we joined him on the swings at the playground across our home, but instead of swinging, we lifted our heads up and gazed into the sky. "close your eyes and hope for a dream to come true", he said. true indeed he is a big dreamer. and eventually an achiever of his dreams.

despite the urges to vote earth, i noticed most people around us lived on in ignorance. one neighbor hit his spotlight on from afar when he noticed our house was dark. thank you for looking out on us, our only hope was that you realize our cause for staying in the dark and join us. maybe the next earth hour should be mandatory for everyone. how hard is it to flick that light switches off? it was only for an hour to do mother earth a favor.

owh, notice my blog's new layout? earth hour last night inspired me to change it. the voice within has been in the dark for long. it needs some bright lights. fresh new face. new look. new input. i got the ticker right this time. i even have jay's photo up on the header. just to introduce him to the world. to my world of blogging. after all, i am not alone in this thing. he is with me now. and so is my glam & glamour blogshop. she is here to stay. check her out, okay?

it took me so long to make these changes. i am glad i got it all done in just one night. so how do you like it? i love it so much!

happy sunday my lovely people!

Monday, March 22, 2010

it has been raining and i liked it.

kuala lumpur is getting hotter and hotter each day. despite the pouring rain almost everyday last week. i always loved sunny days. lightnings and thunderstorms scare the hell out of me. but after getting too much sun from last week, i am not sure if i like sunny days now. and it is not that i am not thankful that the sun is still shining, it is just that i cannot stand the heat. it gives me migraine. i hate it when my migraine comes to visit. i do not like just how many ponstan pills i have been popping to make the pain go away.

we were in shah alam since thursday last week, jay and i. i have not been home for quite some time. i blame it on the work requirements. the extra work requirements. anyways, it was nice to be home. my sister happened to be in town with her whole family and since i have not seen my little ones for ages, it was nice to be able to catch up with the two. owh my. how they grew up so fast. soon, there will be a third one. and then a fourth. both my sister and my sister in law are pregnant. i think mom will be very much occupied handling both my sisters and their babies, so i think my time will be next year then. i am not expecting anytime soon, nor i refuse to carry at all. it is all if God is willing. i will have my own. soon.

shah alam was different. it rained the whole time we were there. yes, lightnings and thunderstorms came along too. i actually hid under the duvet the whole time, it was very comforting. it reminded me of the winter days when we were in the uk. it was really cold, all you want to do was snuggle in bed. so this wasn't the typical rain you get in kl city - where rain drops stopped only after a few minutes, and then out came the sun. it bothered me that i have to 'save' my laundry that i had left outside to dry just as i see the dark clouds, and only to find that after a few minutes it stopped raining. the sky was clear and it was hot as if it didn't rain at all.

if i could go over my days of relaxing and lounging that i had four days in a row last week, i would. jay only had these two things in mind when we make the trip back home - one is eat, two is sleep. i could not agree more. but after four days we had to come back to kl city, for duty had called us in. and it rained since we got back and was not hot as usual. i did some jewelry designing happily - my body was not heating up. i did not whine. a little promo, i had designed some jewelries which are for sale, as well as shopping bags, which is made to order. i am getting my very talented husband, jay to photograph my creations for me and will upload them on Glam&Glamour when it is ready. be sure to drop by.

talking about Glam&Glamour, this offspring of mine is finally listed in Emmagem. it's got visitors of its own now. i hope to fully concentrate on Glam&Glamour one day. i liked how it is so far. my ideas of new designs are constantly on my mind. i hope to make it big with Glam&Glamour. but i will need all the support i can have. if God willing.

looking back, i am liking the new changes i have encountered. i am liking my takes on things. i am liking how i overcame my fear. i did regret a few moments, but i am glad it happened. there is actually a lot to look forward to. i just hope i can catch it all in time before it is gone.

there are some things in life that i can't define. other than that, i am lucky to be where i am right now.