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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

are we baking today? i so want a cupcake!

so i have this intuition that i might be, just might be pregnant. because i know there's something different with this cycle - ever since we've decided to start a family, i started penning down my cycles. to date, i am already almost a week late.

so, i was giving it another day before i tested this am at 6. test result? one clear blue line, and one faint line. so a faint line, right? but a faint line is still a line, right? i read somewhere that as long as you have lines, that means you're pregnant but it's just that when you're testing your hCG hormone level is still low.... i am anxious and very excited if yes i am. but to clear my doubts, i am testing again next week. then we'll see from the test if i should visit an OB-GYN. :)

please pray for us and this little cupcake we're trying to perfectly bake :)

lots of love,


Nadya said...

dearie..confirm la tu..


p/s- penantian suatu penyeksaan..all the best!!! =D

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

yayyyy! hehehe. babe, i susah nak baca ur blog bcoz of the font. errr. how? :p

Ushna said...

nadya: thanks!and I do hope so though it is still uncertain... I secretly do want to believe that I already am baking a cupcake!

knits: thanks! i'm 100% refering to the notes you shared with me the other day. about the fonts, really? that's weird because the fonts are web fonts and embedded. any brower should be able to display them. can you see any fonts at all? too bad I really love this font! i'll see if I can find more standard fonts,okay?

ladies,i'll announce if I have more good news after I check again this week, okay? please say your prayers for me!

Ain Alida said...

i pray for da lil cuppy cake in da making will be perfectly bake =)

insyaAllah evrythg will be fine, and im praying nothg but da best for you and da lil one.

take care =)

Ushna said...

thanks Ain! so thoughtful of you! insyaAllah!