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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

our first look at you! *entry for lil AJ*

Yesterday, Dr. Zunita ( a very very very nice lady OB-GYN! makes mommy comfortable :) ) showed you to mommy and daddy. I was so happy to finally see you! so was daddy! We were so happy to see your heart beating so fast! that means you're one healthy baby!

Mommy knows that mommy's friends are dying to see you too, so mommy's going to share your first scan picture with them. Aunties, meet my lil A.J:


As mommy updated in my last entry, Dr. Zunita calculated a new birth date for you. in fact, two new birth dates. if mommy's memory serves me right on the exact first day mommy had my last period, then i will see you on December 2nd, 2011. that's a day after Aunty mimie's birthday! another date is December 7th, 2011 which was calculated based on your current size. anyway, you come out from mommy whenever you are really ready, okay! you be safe in there. mommy and daddy will make sure that you are.

mommy and daddy loves you so much, AJ. we'll see you again soon, okay!

i love you a lot with all my life, (and so is daddy)


Nadya said...

awwwwhhh so cute n tiny..i dulu every month mesti tak sabar nak tgk baby..nak wat keje pun dah xfocus..haha and bile kat clinic i sampai tak senang duduk coz lil aydan was moving inside non stop.excited kot nak jumpe mummy n babah die..bile scan senyappp je.behave.so nampak la the eyes,muke die facing me.the moment was so magical.
and yes, the due date is only an estimation.i was 2 weeks early and and aydan was 1kg heavier.huhu

Ushna said...

nadya, thanks! next scan will be on May 23rd. and gila i cannot wait for it already! it will be long until our eyes meet. how many weeks dah masa tu? yup on the due date, it will be between 29/11-7/12 lah. i hope my baby is fine nanti masa lahir. aydan is super cute! kiss him for me okay?

Nadya said...

6-7 months kot..tp mase tu dah nak agak cramp so xley tgk semua..mase dlm 3-4 months boleh tgk die wat somersault, n lompat2.hihi so cute.