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Monday, April 11, 2011

we're baking!

facebook friends must have gotten this news already for i have updated the result from my second urine pregnancy test.

so yes, it's official and confirmed by my GP, Dr. Roselinda Arehli that i am baking! been baking for 7 weeks now for that matter. :)

i was so sick last thursday but i told my GP that i might be pregnant. so she didn't want to prescribe me some random medications if i am pregnant and we tested.

i am so excited, jay said we wouldn't know if we didn't try. so BAM.. tried and nailed it.

i am coping with morning sickness now (more like all day sickness, so it seems) and jay has been doing a great job coping with me! i have never seen him as excited as this before!

it's like heaven on earth, seeing him trying to bond with our unborn child. he wants our baby to know that " you may be inside mummy now, but daddy is always here too with you and mummy" . i melted. i couldn't stop smiling. i have a permanent smile on my face now. wearing it all day. :D

he has these "secret moments" where he'd whisper to my belly and tell our baby about stuffs. like "do you like what mummy ate just now?" and then he added " i know.. daddy didn't like what mummy ate either!" (i had pengat durian, just a lil bit though. i promised my sister i won't take much of it). and constantly updating our baby on what we're watching on tv.

i am now collecting Doas that i can recite everyday after prayers, and also tips about eating right. i mean like what i should avoid and such. if you experienced ladies have any pointers. please do share with this first time mummy to be!

but the funny thing is, i don't eat as much as i did before i was pregnant. i don't get hungry as often as i did before i was pregnant. cepat mengah. that's one thing. and owh, i haven't experience any weird cravings, yet. owh but jay has!

thank you to friends who have wished me, may the Al-Mighty repay all your good thoughts.

so okay, it's lunch time, can't skip anymore now that i am eating for two... hahahaha

p/s: i heard somebody tested and got a faint line too? Suya, have you got news for me? :D

lots of love from the ecstatic cupcake baker a.k.a mummy to be;

1 comment:

Nadya said...

hehe..wait till u feel the first 'knock' from the inside..the feeling is ohhh my indescribable..=)

here's some tips..worth the try..hehe